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With the advance technology improvement, it is true that children no longer spend time going to outdoor to attend sport activities. They choose to spend time playing their computer games. This essay will discuss the causes of this and how is it a negative
While children these days are more inclined to use electronic devices, outdoor games remain the most effective way of not only building team skills, but also keeping them healthy. However, in my opinion, parents and schools do not pay enough attention to
The computer has changed our lives in different aspects such as work, education, entertainment and many more. Some people claim that many children play computers games a lot of the time and less participates in outdoor sports. Well,it has affected their
Nowadays children like to spend most of their free time with gadgets like computer or mobile phone for playing fascinating games, this routine has stopped their physical activities. In my opinion, this is a negative development which can disturb children
To commence with, one of the pivotal reasons for spending most of their time playing computer games is easy access to the internet. In addition, if a child gets the internet to use, he will surely play online games with his friends. For instance, a surve
It is a common situation for the whole society that pupils are more interested in online games rather than sports, which are more physically demanding because of the advent of modern sophisticated technology, which consumes our free time and made us signi
It is a common situation for the whole society pupils are more interested in online games rather than sports. Because of the advent of modern sophisticated technology, which has consumed our quality of free time and made us significantly busy. In the othe
According to doctors through out the world, outdoor sports in one of the most important activity which all the children should spend time on, which not only improves their physical health but also their mental health. However, children nowadays are more o
In the contemporary era, where technology dominates our life's, it has some serious drawbacks as well. Nowadays, more kids are binge into online games and gives less time to physical sports. Since sports is utmost essential for physical and mental develop
This is a fact that the contemporary era of digitization coerces the young generation towards the virtual world of games and they are prone to forget traditional sports. There are several reasons for such a situation and few visible influences too. Both t
It is a fact that nowadays, a lot of children we see are addicted to computers due to the gigantic number of games, and they hardly spare time for outdoor activities. There are a lot of reasons to bolster this view, and some visible influences too. Both t
Nowadays, computer-delivered games have attracted a lot of youngsters. Accordingly, they spend the majority of their leisure time playing and they overlook practicing the needed physical activities. Reasons and effects with my opinion about its positivity
Currently, playing games on computers is the most common activity on which the youth always spends more time than on outdoor activities. I believe there are several reasons for this occurrence and in my view, this tendency definitely brings back some disa
In recent years, technology has developed in all areas. So people are becoming addicted to the latest technology, especially children and youngsters. Some of those are computer, mobile phones, video games etc. The development of technology seems to be a b
In today's modern world, computer games are occupied most significant and unprecedented part in child life. Unfortunately, children are considered to play digital games than outdoor sports.
Nowadays, kids are reducing their time on physical activities, and increase it on screen gaming. In this essay I will discuss reasons behind such shift and also state why drawbacks outweighs benefits.
It is said that many youngsters allocate considerable time for electronic games rather than physical activities. This essay will discuss several reasons why this occurred and prove why it is a negative trend.
One of the most conspicuous trends in today's world is teenagers playing video games instead of playing in the outdoors. Many parents are worried with the decline in daily exercise and cognitive skills. As such, there are both merits and demerits for this
These days, playing computer games has become a pastime for many children. They tend to spend a large amount of time on this activity rather than play sports. This trend is mainly attributed to the development of technology as well as overprotective paren
Nowadays, we see that most of the children are busy playing online games rather than engaging in any sports activities. The reason behind this type of situation is that personal computers are more affordable and a part of every household. Owing to this, c
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