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In the modern era, the media plays a key role in communities all over the world; due to this fact, some individuals reckon that aggressive behaviours in the media can lead to violence in society. However, can the media cause violent attitudes among people?
Agressive acts, such as , terrorist attacks and murder shown on TV channels may stimulate aggression within our communities. I agree with this notion to some extent. This essay will analyze the different effects of this on people.
Broadcasting violent content over the media leads to promotion of violence among people. This essay totally agrees with this statement because brutal videos telecasted have a negative impact on the young minds and terror outfits use social media to promote hatred among people.
Whether or not showing violent scenes in movies and TV Shows encourage violent behaviour in our society is one of the most controversial topics in the modern world. There is no doubt that what we see on television affect some of our life choices to some extent. However, I am certain that people do not become violent just because they saw it on television. In the following essay, I will provide arguments to prove that point.
Broadcasting violence either through new channels or even basic television programs is very common today, and some sections of society argue that it is this that promotes violence in society, whilst others feel that people are inherently violent as it is. I agree with the notion that people are inherently violent and will substantiate my reasoning in this essay.
It is true that in the modern age , media shows a considerable amount of violence which can affect negatively the behaviour of persons . Some people believe that violent content in the media can increase the level of assault in societies . In my opinion , I totally disagree with this view .
In the complexity of the world nowadays, people can easily access information through media from many channels such as television, newspaper, and website. Moreover, the media, which influence people in every age, from the juvenile and the elderly, could contain violent contents and it might support the society to create violence or commit a crime. In this essay, I agree with the statement and provide reasons and examples in the following paragraphs.
Media has a great potency to increase the violence a society. I completely agree with this statement due to the fact that people may be easily affected by the severity actions which is conveyed to the audience through the press organs.
Children are facing more pressures nowadays from academic, social and commercial perspectives. What are the causes of these pressures and what measures should be taken to reduce these pressures?
Society is highly influenced by the content shown on media platforms, Such as violent content which promotes hate and crime among peoples. I completely agree with the statement about promoting violent content to our society and will be discussing the same in the following paragraphs.
Nowadays media has a great impact on individuals’ life. It is often argued that violence spreads widely among people by watching these types of content presented by media. I strongly agree with this statement. The more brutality shown by TV, the more crime rates would be in a society.
Nowadays, media is an important part of life for children and the elderly. People watch it to learn or entertain. However, a segment of society is convinced that broadcasting violent content may cause the promotion of violence in society. I completely agree with this opinion due to several reasons that I will further discuss in this essay.
An important part of humans watch tv and they spent a lot of time. I completely agree with the subject for two reasons. the media can have bad effects On people.
Since childhood we have been emulating what we see, as new borns we emulated our parent, and as we grew up, we relied for inspiration from various other sources such as media. Violence in media does have some detrimental effect on the society and I do agree that to some extent it also promotes violence in the society.
Entertainment, as well as informative media, is nowadays held responsible for spreading violence-related action in society. I completely agree with the aforesaid notion. In this essay, I will discuss in the first paragraph, how widespread global rampage results from online media and in the second paragraph, how the television industry is responsible for domestic unlawful exercise.
Admittedly, the world of media has influenced the society to a great extent in the past few decades. It is asserted that media provokes the mind of people to act violently and puts a negative impact on the habitat. I strongly agree with this notion and some of the major stances to support my viewpoint have been discussed in the further paragraphs.
Media has become a crucial part of our lives and has a humongous influence on society. This can be both a positive as well as a negative influence. Over time, media has been blamed for increased violence in society , which I totally support. Analysing the repercussions of violent video games on kids and the effect of violent news sharing across various platforms will help bolster this.
Nowadays, the number of criminality in our surroundings are soaring high. One of the factors that may be pivotal to this condition is the increasing number of platforms that show brutality explicitly. I am personally in line with the aforementioned sentence.
It is argued that violent programs and contents in TV, social media and so on encouraging the violent activities in society. I am a firm advocate of this view. This essay will discuss my reasoning of this and conclude with a stand on this argument.
Violence is something contained in every media of our society, and this is why it has become so popular among us. In my opinion, this is absolutely true, but it is not the only fault of the communication technologies, rather a consequence of the behaviour of the rulers of the society.
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