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I am writing this letter to you to request a new room for my nest term. I am a student who living your room in which No.348. I hope you can help me to change my room.
I am writing to you for complaint about problems which i faced in our room, which is became cause for decreasing productivities about my study.
I work in a company. This company's work very difficult for example my lessons will finish at 4 o'clock and my work will start at 5 o'clock and will finish at 10 o'clock but at this time you close the doors. Even some of the time I had to spend the night
I am writting this letter to inform you that my room number is 13 and I am facing some issue with my roommate. He wake up late at night and pplayes music very high volume. So I am not able to do my study during so much distraction and some time he drinks and speak very laoudly.
Nowadays it is an extremely popular approach to take a year after graduation from school. I go along with the idea that it is beneficial for the population and my points will be reviewed in the scope of this essay.
Greetings of the Day! I am writing this letter to express my dissatisfaction with my current accommodation arrangement at the UC dorm located in the commons building.
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