IELTS Writing Samples Band 1.5

Transitioning and adapting to a new environment is essential for human adaptation. The more that you resist, the higher you will struggle. I personally believe that those moving abroad should be adaptable and adjust to new cultures. I will discuss and give my justification on the essay below.
Thank you for your email. I am writing to let you know that I am very interested in M.F.A program in University of British Columbia. I am going to submit my application shortly.
The pie charts illustrates the number of sales in different spheres of online shopping in New Zealand during 10 years.
Thank you for the email! I'm glad to hear from you. I'm sorry I couldn't answer earlier because I was busy with my exams.
The concept of poverty porn (also known as “pornography of poverty”) was first introduced in the 1980s. During this time, hard-hitting images were used by charity companies. For example, images of malnourished children with flies in their eyes. The use of these photographs immediately became fashionable, and various charities, like UNICEF and Oxfam, presented (and continue to represent) famine, poverty, and children with the intent to elicit sympathy and increase funds.
“Happiness Is Found Helping Others”- this is a very common phrase and can be found in any setting - family, school and religion. Scientific research (also) provides compelling data to support it. Effectively, giving is a powerful pathway to personal growth and lasting happiness.
Many people have different sights on the topics that whether all university students should study whatever they want or they should be allowed to study subjects that will be useful in the future like science and technology. Of course, if we have to study required subjects and possibly subjects that we don't like will make us unhappy in university and the careers that we will have after graduation.
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Nowadays individuals wish to carry on a successful profession and a pleasant family life simultaneously.Many hurdles can be faced off and also so solutions to that problems will be discussed in the below paragraph.
Some people believe that museums will be closed in the future, as most of the resources are in the internet and they don't need to attend the museums. I disagree with this viewpoint, as museums are the essential parts of the tourist attractions and they have been for decades. Museums are filled with unique histories of other artifacts of the aincient cultures and people are fond of them. If you want to learn the history of the place or WW2, museums is the place that you go to. If the museums will not be neded in the future, what best places are there to learn about the countries culture?
There is an argument that whether people should choose a job they enjoy or the one that helps them earns a huge amount of money. In my opinion, I both agree and disagree with the statement that following one’s passion is better than making a large amount of money because of the following reasons.
Marriage is a sacred bond, in which two individuals promise eachother to be together and support in every situations. Few people opine that affection and love is the only one thing that is required to get married. On the other hand, others believe that future is unpredictable, so money plays a key role in marriage.Prior to my opinion, both the views would be thoroughly discussed further.
Teenagers do not find costumery views on lifestyle from the old timers beneficial for them and their future. Although, this is true in most of the scenarios, but in some cases it is worthy.
Nowadays, the major influence on the community is pressured by friends. Most Children want to copy things and traits from close society. Although some people think that it is better to forbid children to watch the same TV programmes or play the same video games, I think that it is striking to allow them to do as their friends.
University subjects are added each year. Some people believe that all students should learn things they want while others do not. This essay will discuss both sides of the argument in detail and provide evidence as to why better to study whatever students like.
It has been argued that jobless individuals should be supported with a cell phone along with free wifi by the nation itself in order to minimize the difficulty of unemployment. In my opinion, I totally disagree with the aforesaid notion. In this essay, I will discuss in the first paragraph, how it will be misused and in the second paragraph, how it will discourage the hard-working attitude.
In the salad days of, millennium the society is divided into two groups almost equally. Different people have distinct mindsets. The following paragraphs would shed light on both approaches before making a final note.
The car market has been really busy over the last three decades, which can make roads very crowded, especially in the big cities. The Government needs to make sure that measures are being taken in order to get the community's life better.
Nowadays, due to modernization, many forget about social values irrespective of money. However, few people believe that the cultural value is lost because of more money but some others opine this by adding the growth in economic can helps for better living. In my viewpoint, economic growth has many advantages and this definitely outweighs the demerits.
I do agree that violence in the social media could promote violence in society, For the reason that nowadays people are almost an internet's slaves. Many people tend to follow the masses or the crowds, As they don't want to be excluded from the society, They don't want to be different from the majority in a bad ways. These may not sound related to the topic but it's actually the same thing as what are happening in our world right now. When we see something very often, We slowly get attached by it. For example, You've been subscribing this YouTube channel for 5 months, Their content is about eating.