IELTS Writing Samples Band 3

People have different views about whether it is only communication between employers and employees that leads to a successful business. While an effective interaction can provide several benefits, I believe that there are other factors that can make a company achieve success.
Language is a vital means of communication, to understand and to relate to each other.It is a way to express our emotion and connect to one other. But it differs from each country and varies from places to another.
There is a controversial perspective hearing a debate over the fact whether a law breaker comes from genetics or their growth process. In my very point of view, I think that crime arises mainly from a wide range of elements surrounding children’s lives.
People celebrate Holi with utmost fervour and enthusiasm, especially in North India. One day before Holi, people conduct a ritual called ‘Holika Dahan’. In this ritual, people pile heaps of wood in public areas to burn. It symbolizes the burning of evil powers revising the story of Holika and King Hiranyakashyap. Furthermore, they gather around the Holika to seek blessings and offer their devotion to God.
As we live in modern technology developed world, our private information is kept by some mass associations and businesses. There is a gap between If the advantages of dominance privacy have the privilege of disadvantages.
Science is not a thing that can be done away with. It is the observation and study of the world around us. The Scientific method is just observing and studying in a way that minimizes bias and error.
The first argument given to support my opinion is that there is a great evolution of many aspects of society. People are gradually aware of the benefits of eating vegetables. We should follow some nutrition experts advice that eats more vegetables and reduces meats that provide more nutritious for our health . Furthermore, most of us want to have good looking with slim body that the reason why people like to eat vegetables and fruits than meat.
In our rapidly developing world it is acknowledged fact that science subject are more significant than drama and literature subjects in school study plan. I am convinced that this necessary decision is adduct to wicked trend. This essay is presents that it is negative growth and it is crucial to give a deserving attention.
Many claim that extreme sport needs to be prohibited, however others contradict to this opinion. On my point of view, extreme sport has no place to be and this essay will discuss about how it makes potential injuries to mental and physical health.
Some individuals believe that the brain's quality decreases over time for many reasons tending companies to employ younger people with more energy and passion for gaining knowledge better than older ones. In contrast, some of them think learning something does not relate to the age of someone, and it is up to their willpower and determination in the working environment. Both statements seem to be factual, and I will explain them in my upcoming body paragraph.
These days high number of people are competing with young generations for same jobs. The main
Nowadays, a large no of people are going to tertiary education than in the past time. They selected to get degree then they start job. Although, higher qualifications helps to get well paid job, yet, it increases the financial burden of person.
Taking beautiful pictures of the nature is one of my favorite things to do. Sunrise, sunset and moon pictures are very enthusiastic for me. I also have tried many hobbies before, as a result, I really liked reading book!
It is an undoubtable fact that sports is very important for children which help to give them a healthy life while there are some who believe that sports will only help to parents to enjoy and giving freedom. In this essay we will discuss both the opinion before come to any final conclusion.
International tourism has been generating a major portion of the revenue in most of the countries.Collectively, it has both advantages and disadvantages that impacts various aspects in community.
Youth crime is the most serious problem should be solved in our society. Teenage crimes are going to more aggressive and violent. One of the reasen is that, childhood and adolescence are unique from other stages in that people in those stages are emotionally vulnerable and easily swayed by the circumstances around them, so that they are more likely to get involved in criminal activities. In addition, since the double income family is being the standard, the time spent their peers is increasing. This makes children cannot decide rightly due to the fact that nobody explains them how to behave properly. That is to say, adult's supervision and education are needed for children to behave correctly.
The charts compare how many electricity units were generated in Australia and France in 1980 and 200 by five different fuel sources (Coal, Oil, Natural Gas, Hydro Power and Nuclear Power)
In recent years, because of improvements in medical subject we witness that individuals are living many years longer than before. Hence, the number of older people has increased and outnumbered younger population. This essay will discuss both benefits and drawbacks and as far as i am concerned, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.