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There is no denying the fact that these days many people leave their families and colleagues for the purpose of work. While it is a commonly held belief that this modern behaviour may result in some positive effects, there is also an argument that it may be accompanied by some drawbacks. This essay will analyse this topic from both points of view and express my opinion.
Having fast and stable transport systems can play a vital role in developing countries. Some people believe that building rapid railroads can boost the traffic population and goods between cities, thus contributing to their mutual development. Another opinion is that government funds should be invested in existing transport infrastructure that has proven to be effective throughout the years. In this essay, I will go over both of these points of view and suggest one based on my knowledge of the subject.
Despite technological advancement forecasting preventing severe weather, there is a belief that developed nations should help those developing countries suffering from many difficulties in natural disasters. This essay firmly agrees that it is more favorable for human and worldwide nations to assist each other on account of moral obligation and international assistance treaties.
Over the last three decades, there has been a significant increase in the number of people using private cars, leading to widespread traffic congestion in many cities worldwide. This trend is mainly fueled by the perception of owning a car as a symbol of social status. To address this issue, governments should focus on improving public transportation infrastructure to minimize traffic congestion.
Nowadays, many people strongly believe that the preservation of several old buildings needs to pay more attention than others. From my point of view, I totally agree with this phenomenon; hence, I will explain my view in the following essay.
Many people strongly believe that the use of books in schools should be replaced with modern technologies such as films, computers and games. From my point of view, these materials are indispensable and they are the best way to obtain some new knowledge; however, studying by technology devices is also a good way for the progress of students in the present time.
Nowadays, music plays an indispensable role in our lives. While it helps people entertain and improve concentration, I agree the most prominent use of melody is diminishing pressure and other mental health problems.
It is thought by some people that it is better to let students take a gap year between their schools and universities to work and travel. In this essay, both the advantages and disadvantages of this matter will be outlined before reaching my opinion.
It is argued that professional players have become optimistic role models for youngsters; however, the rest of people consider that their behaviours shown on the ground or in other places have a bad impact on young people. Although young people feel motivated by following them, I argue that expert athletes' behaviour negatively influences youth because it facilitates an aggressive nature and money wastage.
In this decade, encouraging offspring to do physical actions like outdoor matches in place of playing games on the computers at home is a controversial discussion point. It is the writer's opinion that taking up outdoor enterprise plays a fundamental role in influencing both the mental and the offspring's health.
The modes of shopping have changed since the development of technology. More and more people do online shopping instead of going to a physical store. As a result, small businesses find it hard to survive in nowadays' society. In this essay, I am going to examine how local communities and what we can do to alleviate this problem.
Nowadays, many countries are facing a reduction in the number of animals and plants. This essay will discuss the reasons for this issue and how we can solve the problem of losing natural animals and plants.
Many strongly believe that art lessons namely painting or drawing play an important role in the progress of children compared to other subjects; hence, it is mandatory for high schoolers. From my point of view, although those classes are necessary for the growth of teenagers, they should only be optional at school.
In today's modernized era and due to the advancement of technology, creating friendships has become far easier than what it used to be. Thus, this leads us to pose a pivotal question, what is the best way to meet new people and get along with them? Certain individuals hold the view that real-life friends can be a more realistic idea and they could back you throughout your life whereas others argue against that, in this essay, I will examine both viewpoints and demonstrate my opinion.
Scientific progression is one of the essential factors, resulting in the improvement of the quality of everyone's lives. This essay agrees that the main purpose of scientists is to desire to provide several benefits to the entire world, even though, sometimes, it is practised to threaten others.
In the last three decades, the number of people using their private cars has risen significantly. Because of this, today's cities are challenged by traffic congestion. In my perspective, this statement is completely true and will be discussed in the following paragraphs.
The topic of whether the government should fund amusement activities across the countries has long been at the centre of discussion for many. It is my contention that while making entertainment activities free can offer multitudinous benefits, exorbitant amounts of expenses can play a downward trend during the effectiveness evaluation of this initiative.
The question of whether individuals should prioritize planning for the future over focusing on the present has long been a subject of debate. While some argue that the present moment deserves more attention, I contend that devising strategies for the future plays a crucial role in achieving success.
Nowadays, the majority of employees work in the long run, in order to they cannot allocate time for leisure activities. I believe there are far more disadvantages of long-term working than its advantages, which will be analyzed in this essay.
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