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We are standing at the early dawn of a developed world, so most residents believe technology and science's vital purpose should be to develop people's quality of life. This essay will present some reasons why I am convinced.
How to protect people from crime is a very concerning issue for every country. And this author opines that the government should invest more in psychological support for lawbreakers, instead of building more prisons.
In recent times, robotics has become increasingly prevalent, undertaking responsibilities both at home and in the workplace. While this trend undoubtedly offers benefits in terms of efficiency and time-saving, it also raises concerns regarding the potential loss of essential skills. Despite these drawbacks, I argue that the increasing use of robotics is positive.
Although most people nowadays think of aviation when they hear the word "pilot", the term was originally used to refer to local seamen whose task was to guide ships through coastal waters and into a port. In fact, the English word "pilot" evolved from the Dutch term for a plumb lead, a length of rope with a weight on the end of it used for measuring the depth of water. Today, nearly every port employs pilots licensed by the government of the country, and the use of their services is compulsory, except for local ships whose master holds a current pilotage exemption for a specific port. Pilots are responsible for the safe conduct and navigation of any ship from the time they assume control from the master after boarding at sea until the vessel is safely moored at the allocated wharf, or vice versa in the case of ships that are leaving a harbour.
It is believed that news media adversely affects people, whereas some argue that it also has benefits. This writer is inclined toward the second view because it informs them of current affairs, aside from the risk of privacy invasion by gutter presses and misleading information from unverified sources.
Nowadays, most individuals send their money to trading,family and acquaintances with their phones and network connections.From my perspective,it is an absolutely positive development for society and in this essay, I discussed the main two reasons.
The well-being of elder people is now gaining more attention from the crowd, especially when the population is ageing at a faster pace. Recently, some professionals have argued that social engagements and physical exercises could enhance their health and happiness. Even so, a larger portion of old ones are still living alone and do not have enough exercise. In this essay, we review two major factors, the lack of attention from the younger generation and insufficient investment from governments which cause the discussed problems, and then suggest potential solutions.
Nowadays, recycling waste is one of the crucial aspects of the world, thereby in 2015, all United Nations members created 17 world Sustainable Development Goals, in which recycling management is included. This issue is being addressed at the global level, however, still, all nations have problems with compliance. From my perspective, I completely agree that the government should develop effective requirements and, in this essay, I will argue my opinion with examples.
Citizens believe that public infrastructures such as schools and commercial centres are better places far from downtown. Firstly, relocating the infrastructure will make it more accessible to people. Secondly, placing them outside the city will separate vehicle density in the suburban areas, diminishing the movement jam.
Nowadays, a wide range of technologies are employed in many aspects of daily life. Computer use is increasing, particularly in education, which will eliminate the need for teachers in the classroom. From my perspective, I completely disagree with this viewpoint. 
 The use of computers for educational purposes has many benefits. Lessons are more easily accessible in a variety of circumstances, to start. Physical barriers do not prevent anyone from attending class; all they require is an internet-connected computer or phone, which may be used by both professors and pupils. Second, a plethora of study resources, including photographs, videos, and presentations, may be utilized to supplement the lectures, making the information easier for students to comprehend. Furthermore, this is a difficult assignment for a teacher to carry out in a traditional classroom.
 The crucial skill when working with children or teenagers is handling their emotions, which is something that those machines a...
Many are of the opinion that modern communication methods between people have negative implications for social relationships. Though ease of access to apps allows people to keep maintaining relationships with friends, these connections are not deep and meaningful, which highlights a more substantial drawback of using communication technology.
The discussion about whether museums should be enjoyable places to entertain people or institutions focused on education raises a thorny question. Although it can be argued that museums should primarily serve to educate visitors, I strongly believe that they should also be enjoyable and entertaining to engage a wider audience and foster a love for learning. There are several reasons why people think museums should be educational. First and foremost, it could be argued that the primary role of museums is to preserve and present historical, cultural, and scientific artefacts. It would appear that focusing on education ensures that museums fulfil their mission of increasing public knowledge and awareness. Educational exhibits allow visitors to gain a deeper understanding of various subjects, such as ancient civilizations, natural history, and technological advancements. Viewed from this angle, museums serve as valuable educational resources that contribute to the intellectual developme...
The best place to live your life is often debated in the contemporary era. While many individuals think that rural areas are more suitable for human life, others believe that city life is far better. This essay will explain the reasons for my agreement with the latter.
Someone are arguing that longer average working time could lead to better gains for national wealth but its citizen have to cope with social issues. In my opinion, I completely agree with that linkage among total of time in workplace, success in economic development and problems in the society.
In the modern age, people always try their best to stay in shape in numerous methods. One is doing regular exercise which some individuals consider as a vital factor while the others believe that eating habits bring more benefits. This essay will indicate both statements and express my final thoughts at the end.
It is widely argued that urban living imposes detrimental effects on individuals' health. While acknowledging the accessibility of advanced medical facilities in cities, I staunchly concur with the notion that the adverse impacts of urban life, such as air pollution and the frenetic pace of existence, outweigh the benefits.
We live in a society where money overrules the power. Starting from education, health care, utilities, clothing etc to keep up the standard of living, people are willing to work hard. Due to this, they feel more stressed and unhappy. In this essay, we will discuss the possibilities an employer can have to put their employees' lives at ease.
Some organizations believe that fresh graduates from colleges who join their companies lack the interpersonal skills required to communicate with their peers. The reason for this is spending more time on digital tools and living an independent lifestyle. The solution is to interact with people in social gathering activities.
Recently, there has been an increase in employees' stress rate due to the working hours increment in several companies. In this essay, I will explore some possible factors and how we can prevent it from continuously happening in the future.
While some people believe that leading is a natural aptitude, others are of the opinion that it is possible for anyone to acquire this ability. This essay will discuss both sides and demonstrate reasons why I contend that this skill can be learned.
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