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While some people argue that technology makes buying things easier nowadays, other people think the opposite. Both points of view have strong and weak arguments. However, I believe that there are more advantages to using modern technology to do shopping than drawbacks.
The question of whether parents should control their infants to prevent mistakes is a topic of contention. Advocates of this viewpoint argue that infants should have the freedom to make mistakes during their early development. However, I hold the belief that the most effective approach is to guide them through experiences rather than shielding them from every error.
Today, the act of writing by hand using a pen or pencil has become increasingly uncommon. This essay will delve into the reasons behind this trend and evaluate whether it is a positive or negative development for individuals and society as a whole.
Most people think that students should take a break after the completion of their secondary education to travel or work and start their tertiary education. This essay will discuss both the benefits and drawbacks of this debate.
Lately, a plethora of topics are being seriously discussed amongst various individuals and groups, and the prominent one is that everybody should donate a fixed amount of their income to support charity. With several arguments to support it, I firmly agree with the statement given. This essay will list the reasons for my preference.
The growing amounts of fast-moving consumer goods production poses harm to the ecosystem. This phenomenon is attributed to the abundant trash of plastic containers and the lack of recycling facilities. To address this issue, the government should force companies to take part in recycling their packaging rubbish.
One of the most prevalent trends in the contemporary world is the cumulative increase in social media connections for sending and receiving information. I do not agree with the people's thoughts because everyone uses digital platforms for their studies, businesses and meeting their family and friends. This stance will be proven by carefully analysing, why it does not have negative effects on society.
Many people are still doing unhealthy habits even though experts have declared activities that promote health and otherwise. This phenomenon is attributed to tight schedules and a lack of motivation. To address this issue, individuals can set a recess time between agendas and incorporate healthy habits into their existing routines.
The gap in the economic disparity between the high and the low-income groups is growing further. This predicament can cause people whose paycheck is lower than the standard minimum wage to be trapped in structural poverty and there are increasing amounts of criminalities. To address this problem, the government should interfere by creating rules that support the welfare of workers.
Young adults are migrating to cities, leaving behind the older generation in the suburbs. This phenomenon will cause the countryside to be depleted in human resources and become underdeveloped. To address this predicament the government has to incentivize companies to open competitive job vacancies in the countryside.
It’s argued that some college pupils are willing to study other subjects along with their main one, whilst others believe that what’s more essential is to use all their time and effort in studying for an educational qualification. This essay agrees that students should spend some amount of time taking additional classes on different subjects.
The number of humans in the world has increased substantially over the years, slowly but steadily turning into a massive environmental catastrophe. It is my own contention that although the excess population is one of the most concerning issues in the contemporary world alongside others like plastic waste and carbon emissions.
Some astrophysicists claim we should endeavour to contact alien civilizations that could potentially exist somewhere in the universe. However, other scientists are sceptical and advise against such attempts. This essay will discuss both perspectives in support of the latter.
The relocation of businesses from megacities to the countryside is often perceived as a prospective solution to the escalating complications of housing and transportation in municipal centres. Although this trend entails some inevitable challenges for the companies involved, I would argue that the benefits for both the urban and rural populations are more substantial.
The relocation of firms from megacities to the countryside is often perceived as a prospective solution to the escalating complications of housing and transportation in municipal centres. Although this trend entails some inevitable challenges for the corporations involved, I would argue that the benefits for both the urban and rural populations are more substantial.
It is no doubt true that the majority of people would like to be happy in their lives.While the personal nature of happiness makes it difficult to describe, there do seem to be some common needs that we all share with regard to experiencing or achieving happiness.
The population in most parts of the world is ageing; people are living longer and there are fewer younger people in many places as birth rates fall. This phenomenon has pros and cons, but this essay will contend that, on balance, the advantages of having an older population outweigh the negatives.
It is a debatable issue whether authorities should charge for using the services of public transport or not. Although I believe that using public transportation without any charges has numerous benefits, its negative effects can not be overlooked.
Some people argue that phones should be restricted for children during school time, while some groups of people think that the use of phones should be allowed. This essay agrees with the latter point and will show that, despite the restriction might be beneficial to increase their focus, the use of phones can enhance their educational experience.
It is generally claimed that being happy depends on how much money a person earns. However, it is impossible to buy happiness. That is why, I truly believe that there are a few factors leading to feeling a sense of joy.
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