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Over the years, governing bodies have continuously passed bills to restrict international travel as it is detrimental to the environment. Developing countries are strongly against this idea because 70% of their income is derived from the influx of foreign visitors, whereas developed countries support the government’s decision. This essay completely agrees with the stance of the advanced countries. I believe that foreign trips are hazardous to the climate and that tourists tend to act inhumanely in new societies.
In recent times, the financial responsibility for the care of elderly individuals has become a pressing issue in Britain. The question is raised as a consequence, of whether the family of the elderly has to afford the costs of this specialized service or whether the government shall proceed with considering the attendance with required facilities.
Nowadays, the vast majority prefer virtual benefits for shopping, daily conversation and job-related purposes that require no physical interaction with the public. Indeed, the eligibility provides more convenience than real-time meetings. Through the essay, I'll discuss both the advantages and disadvantages that come with new features of viral lifestyle changes.
The more and more production of consumer goods (food, clothing) results in damage to the natural environment. It is the result of the exploitation of natural resources without any consideration of the environmental impact and the company discharges its waste directly into the environment. Hence, it is necessary for the government to supervise the company and strengthen the environmental regulations and use of advanced technology in their production process.
Nowadays, health organisations strongly advocate against the consumption of meat. People from Asia are completely in support of this movement, whereas individuals from other parts of the world say it is impossible. This essay firmly agrees with the Asians. I believe that eating meat can be detrimental to humans and brutal to the animals being slaughtered.
Many think that it is not fair for simple employees to be paid less than executives in an organization; however, I think that managers must get higher salaries because of their experience, and also there must be a motive reason for ordinary workers to keep them productive in their positions.
It is argued that teenagers should be allowed to go to school when they are still at an early age while an alternative point of view is that minors do not need to start studying in institutions until they get enough old. This essay agrees with the latter options and will lay out the reasoning below.
The type of subjects to which university students dedicate their time to study has sparked considerable controversy. While some advocate for mere studying subjects constructive for their future, I, along with others believe that studying the favourable ones benefits them the most due to reasons further elaborated on in this essay.
Access to education is important for everyone and a basic human right. However, children in rustic areas are omitted when it comes to their educational success. This essay will examine the main causes of why countryside schoolchildren are left behind in academic progress and a possible solution to this problem.
In today's world, online teaching platforms have become a popular tendency and play a significant role in learning methods. While some argue that online platforms save much time on commuting and are better than the conventional teaching ways in the classroom, others contend that learning through the internet has significant drawbacks, such as easily getting distracted by other things. In this context, I suppose that the advantages of online lessons outweigh real lectures.
Some people state that the best way to develop your worldview is by pushing boundaries and exploring new countries. From my point of view, individuals can utilize this method if it is possible. However, there are several other ways to improve your worldview.
Some individuals claim that all experimentation on creatures should be out of law. Meanwhile, others think that due to these experiments, today, we achieved numerous scientific discoveries. In this essay, I will explore this topic deeply.
In the modern world, the development of social media is an important thing for humans, and this led to more youngsters that unsupervised access to the internet. The following essay will discuss the problem and solution of this trend.
Few folks believe that the lawful age for marrying someone should be at least 21. I totally agree with the notion due to not having enough maturity and they do not have financial stability.
In many areas all over the world, the number of consumers eating imported food instead of local cuisine has been increasing due to its exotic appeal. This writer believes that this phenomenon could be reversed by promoting citizens’ awareness and educating students about its environmental impacts.
Of all the problems that are still baffling scientists, perhaps one of the most challenging is how to combat the effects of the ageing process. Although there are sensible reasons why increasingly many people choose to have plastic surgery such as a face-lift or brow-lift or buy beauty products to make themselves look younger. I feel that this development is largely negative.
Nowadays, many believe that schools should not provide grades to students. From my point of view, although testing is useful, the learning environment could be improved if there were no grades; thus, children could learn productively without pressure.
Every person in this world must have a desire to have a successful life. However, the standard of success varies from one person to another. Some people argue that it is important to eliminate non-academic subjects in schools and only focus on academic subjects, whereas others think non-academic subjects should still be maintained. I personally believe that non-academic subjects are as important as academic subjects and should not be eliminated from the school's curriculum.
Although intractable schoolchildren can be found in most educational settings, the behaviour of school pupils in many parts of the world has worsened in recent years. This state of affairs can be attributed to several factors and this essay will suggest several viable solutions to remedy the situation.
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