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When buying a product, most people weigh price against quality. While some feel that durability should be the main priority, others argue that affordability is more important. In this essay, I will examine both views and explain why I feel that companies and customers need to make responsible decisions.
Plastic items can be detrimental to the environment. This essay discusses some of the reasons why and provides practical solutions to address this problem.The core issue with many plastic products lies in their non-recyclable or difficult-to-recycle nature. Rather than fully decomposing, these items often break down into tiny microplastic particles. This causes significant risks to ecosystems and human well-being, as microplastics have been increasingly linked to emerging health concerns. Furthermore, these microscopic organisms can actually play a role in generating significant quantities of greenhouse gases, which then go on to influence weather patterns and climate conditions. For instance, the increased production of these heat-trapping gases by certain microbes can contribute to rising temperatures that many regions have been grappling with. One of the biggest solutions to reducing plastic pollution is improving waste management infrastructure and recycling capabilities, especi...
The debate over whether public funds should be invested in constructing new railway lines for high-speed trains or improving existing public transit has sparked significant controversy. While some advocate for enhancing the current transportation infrastructure, I believe that investing in new lines offers greater benefits for both society and the environment.
In many countries, some believe that professionals in special fields such as medical experts and engineers should be obliged to work in the country where they studied, while others believe that they shouldn’t be chained up to one country and should be free to change their place of work according to their will. In my opinion, I believe they should have the privilege of the opportunity to change their workplace, regardless of country.
Nowadays whether professionals such as doctors and engineers should work in the country where they did their training or freely work in a foreign nation as they wish raises a thorny question. This essay will discuss both views and give its opinion.
Nowadays the public relies on their own cars instead of using transport such as buses, trains, metro, and taxis. This essay will discuss the overreliance problems and propose possible solutions to avoid this kind of problem.
One of the most prevalent trends in the contemporary world is the cumulative increase in Government hiring, where the community can do their task with peace of mind and make future plans for their careers. Some folks argue that the Administration should provide recruitment to everyone, while, others, believe that the State cannot offer a place to everyone due to a lack of finances and infrastructure. In my opinion, the crowd should do hard work and find jobs according to their qualifications and experiences. This topic will discuss why the Governance should not be responsible for employment.
There are conflicting outlooks regarding whether parents should stimulate their children to join team activities or keep occupy themselves in their free time. This essay will explore the positive and negative sides and will eventually provide a viewpoint.
In contemporary society, the issue of children becoming addicted to telly has sparked a degree of controversy among the public. Although this issue can be attributed to numerous factors, some feasible measures can be considered to address this.
Recently, In sports, the consumption of performance-enhancing drugs has been increased. There are several consequences of taking these drugs, therefore, strict preventive measures are required. The essay will discuss these issues in detail.
In modern times, human beings severely affect ecosystems worldwide, making many animal species become extinct in the long run. This increasing issue primarily stems from habitat destruction along with water pollution, yet it can be addressed by the government implementing laws towards industrial activities.
Developed countries can contribute to the growth of undeveloped or developing nations by establishing healthy business cooperation. However, the wealthy leaders are not to avail consumables and education to these non-civilized regions. It is rather the duty of the governments to make provisions for their citizens . I will elucidate my views in this essay.
There can be little doubt that the government completely wastes a large amount of money on exploration outside the earth, while the government can spend this money on other national priorities. The writer of this essay argues that the money that was spent on space exploration is an entire loss because of environmental pollution and uncertain returns on investment.
Many people argue that a way to be a member of society should be taught to children by their parents whereas others believe that school should be the place to teach this. Overall, this essay agrees with both perspectives. This is because parents are the closest resource for kids to ask for and school is the most reliable institution to educate the way to be a member.
Extra classes for children have been considered by many parents as a vital thing to do in order to help youths gain more skills. In my opinion, students already had enough courses to learn and there is no need for them to join extra sessions.
In today's globalised world, the idea that a nation becomes more exciting and advances faster if it is home to a blend of nationalities is a powerful one. This essay will discuss the extent to which I agree with this statement, focusing on cultural wealth, economic growth and social issues.
As we know our world keeps evolving. Workers should be flexible with their professional choices and working environments in this constantly changing world. The current essay will discuss the reasons for this trend and provide a few suggestions that will be useful for the employees to prepare for the future.
Several individuals believe that good health is crucial to everyone, so medical services should not be managed by profit-making companies. In my opinion, I think that the advantages of private health care do not outweigh its disadvantages.
Recently, museums and historical sites have become tourist attractions for foreign visitors in spite of locals. This essay will analyze the reasons for this phenomenon as well as solutions to encourage locals to visit.
Recently, reconstructing the family's trees has become increasingly common in some countries. This is because people want to know more about their roots and cultural heritage and it should be viewed positively due to its effect on personal growth and promoting peace in the world.
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