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In recent years, more people concerned about the ownership of their properties. Thus, in some countries, residents prefer to buy a place rather than renting it. In this essay, I will explain the reasons behind this issue and then delineate its effects on the community.
There are some examples that some criminals serving sentences in prison reintegrating into society successfully to become good citizens, which makes some people realize that they are the best candidates for teenagers to be conscious of the dangers of committing crimes. It seems to me that this could be feasible to discourage the young generation from violating laws.
In many nations, people are searching for more information about their accommodations. Several measurements are considered to know about the purposes and history of their living places.
In the modern era, technology has taken the world by storm. The omnipresence of cell phones in youth has proved to have both positive and negative effects on their lifestyle. Also, I will portray the facts by demonstrating the research and studies done by the "Science Institute," and "Oxford University". In addition, a concrete answer is given below to portray the advantages and disadvantages of teenagers owning this device.
Some contend that scientific research should place emphasis on addressing global health concerns, whereas others consider that other more important matters, such as advanced technologies and environmental damage, should be prioritized. In this essay, both sides will be explored, followed by my opinion.
In today's society, higher education has become a matter of significant concern. Some people argue that the main purpose of universities is guarantee to students job opportunities while others believe that education at university is a necessity for a bright community and self-development. In this essay, I will examine both perspectives before presenting my own opinion.
It has been stated that computer-based subjects are chosen over science in many schools and other tertiary institutions. This trend, which I believe is a negative one, is a result of growing advancements in technology and indecision among students.
In a modern competitive society, many say that the only way to decrease poverty in poorer regions is by using a new method that gives them six years of free education in order to improve their reading, writing, and mathematical skills. I totally agree with the given statement due to several particular reasons which I believe should be considered seriously.
Driven by urbanization, a proliferation of people immigrating from rural areas to cities, especially metropolises, make an effort to seek better vocational and educational opportunities. This essay will analyse the difficult problems of settling down in urban areas and propose some feasible solutions to improve the living standard of urban dwellers.
Nowadays, taking risks in personal and professional life has become very significant for many people. There could be risks more dangerous than others, but always will be more related to negative effects than positive ones. However, even if there might be some drawbacks, I consider that its benefits will be richer for experience and wisdom in life.
Higher fuel price is believed to be the most effective way to encounter the mounting problems concerning traffic and contamination. I do not concur with this proposal, and am convinced that there are more constructive alternatives to this solution.
Some people have a view that high sales of products result from the advertisement rather than consumers' own willingness. Although I argue that companies' ads sometimes encourage citizens to buy some unnecessary products, I firmly believe that the product's sales are not all about advertising.
It is true that many cities do not have extra space to continue development, and in order to take the next step, old buildings have to be reconstructed and replaced. From my perspective, this action accompanies pollution and the loss of a part of the culture, but I certainly believe that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.
Some claim that since there are still social issues in their own society, the government shall not offer international aid to others and should focus on resolving domestic problems. In fact, the standpoint is hard to accept for most people, including myself. In the essay, I will elucidate my reasons in more detail and give my opinions.
Nowadays, there is a widespread divergence of opinions over the concept of taking alternative medicines and treatments. People have different ideas about the development. While someone doubts the drawbacks of it, I believe it is a positive trend if the government set up a regular basis.
A healthy environment is fundamental for our better life. However, Petrol is also one of the basic and essential necessities of our living. I completely disagree with the statement that its prices should be raised to resolve this issue.
Nowadays, childhood obesity has sparked a heated debate and drawn public attention around the world. Some people are hardly convinced that advertisements for unhealthy food like fast food and sweets snacks should be avoided in educational institutions like schools and colleges. After considering deeply all the relevant factors, I decided that I agree with this statement. In the following essay, I will explain why.
Minors are taught by parents or teachers that if they are hardworking, they can achieve everything. In the following paragraphs, I am going to discuss the positive results and negative results of providing youngsters with this information.
Nowadays, shopping, once a mere necessity, has metamorphosed into a widely embraced leisure activity, eliciting both acclaim and concern. This essay will delve into the intricate reasons behind this burgeoning trend and critically assess its multifaceted impact on individuals and society at large.
There are certain attitudes, that every human has, which arise two questions: were we born with certain thoughts or someone taught them to us? This essay will explain in deeper the answer to the second question, explaining how attitudes, such as xenophobia or racism, are in today's society and what can we do to go beyond them.
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