IELTS Writing Samples Band 8.5

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It is of the opinion that the preservation of wildlife has accounted for too much time and resources. Personally, I hold a different perspective on this notion. In this essay, I will explain my justification in detail.
It is thought by certain groups that different kinds of vehicles will be replaced by driverless systems. Since various benefits have witnessed in this trend, I personally suggest that the advantages are outweigh the disadvantages.
It is true that technology has significant improvements in many aspects these days. A certain part of individuals suggest that the most essential target for technology ought to enhance human lives. I completely agree with this statement since technology not only can facilitate the medical environment but also benefit the agricultural sector in many terms.
It is said that social networks have multiple platforms for updating events occurring globally. In my opinion, they should use social networking sites to connect with their community. In this article, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using social media applications.
Instead of funding roads, governments should invest in railroads. I completely agree because this is a good decision for the public. In my, opinion there are two reasons.
The globalization and astonishing invention of the internet have had a great impact on learning methods. Although nowadays the majority of pupils have used the internet to learn and acquire the required information, libraries have their own importance in providing resources. I partially agree with the above notion and my reasons for the inclination are articulated in the following paragraphs.
Some are of the opinion that homeschooling ought to be prohibited due to its disadvantages, whereas others believe that it has several advantages. In my opinion, I consider that homeschooling is a great educational method which can benefit both parents and students.
At present, the bill continues to be a controversial topic, most individuals firmly believe that cash is saved via a bank or institution of capital, however, others feel capital ought to be spent if it is available. There are valid arguments on both sides, which I will discuss now.
Nowadays, there is an increasing number of advertisements in order to increase the companies' sales. In my view, this trend should be perceived as a negative trend. In this essay, I will propose some strategies to make valuable advertisements and some reasons for their bad influence.
The tendency of global tourism has created the concern of its negative impacts on a nation by the locals. This essay will discuss the potential causes of this problem before suggesting recommendations that can be made to change this negative attitude towards international travellers.
In this contemporary epoch, the idea of safeguarding the earth for the next generations has been gaining ground recently. Whilst environmentalists hold the view that authorities should deal with environmental matters as their main concern, opponents have a diverse perspective. I am of the belief that saving our planet should be our prime objective.
The popularity of extreme sports has sparked a profound debate among the public. Some contend that these games should be prohibited due to safety issues, whereas others believe that people should be free to do any sports activity. In this essay, both sides will be explored, followed by my opinion.
People are disputing whether aqua or oil and gold are the most prominent natural resources in the World. While fossil fuel and precious metals are widely used in various industries and trading purposes water is vital not only for the human population but for all living too. In the following paragraphs, I will expand on both approaches and bring a couple of examples.
In comparison with other forms of transport, cycling would be an environmentally friendly approach. There are a a variety of reasons behind the lack of publicity and some steps, which can be considered to improve that.
It is widely believed that people shouldn’t pay any taxes and they have to keep all of the money that they earn. Personally, I completely disagree with this point of view for a variety of reasons.
The usage of social media has been increasing rapidly since this century. Some people believe this growing trend has a detrimental impact on face-to-face communication, whereas I believe contracting via these tools has significant benefits.
Nature is one of the places that attract many tourists around the world. Although they are often doing inappropriate things towards nature, I believe that they contribute a lot to the locals' economy.
It is crucial for juveniles to understand the differences between right and wrong when they are very young. Punishing is an important way to help them find out more about the distinctions. I completely agree with this statement and believe that some punishments are necessary during upbringing.
Peer pressure refers to the influence young people experience within the same age group, affecting their behaviours. In my opinion, cohorts do have more positive impact than negative on adolescents and young adults.
In most countries, individuals have to pay for medical treatment however, others believe that it must be free of charge from the government and provide their people with the best of health care. It is good to facilitate the people and consider their health as the first priority but doing so may also lead many governments to face financial crises. I will discuss all these in my essay below.
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