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In most countries, individuals have to pay for medical treatment however, others believe that it must be free of charge from the government and provide their people with the best of health care. It is good to facilitate the people and consider their health as the first priority but doing so may also lead many governments to face financial crises. I will discuss all these in my essay below.
Nowadays, young generation focus on different activities like working as a volunteer in settings. A number of folk loves to give their short period to the public who required it such as giving lectures, building houses etc. I believe there are several particular reasons like providing aid to them and the following paragraphs will expatiate both stances with lucid examples.
Wealthier nations are in great efforts to support poorer ones in solving famine by providing them with financial support. However, it is of the opinion that this type of help does not work, therefore, more effective alternatives are required. Personally, I am inclined to agree with this notion.
There has been an argument about whether technology has had a huge impact on humans' contemporary lives or not. I believe everybody would agree that we are living in a technologically advanced world where every nation is spending a lot on cutting-edge innovations and therefore, it is safe to say that these advances have now become an important part of our lives. Moreover, with the advent of computers, it did not take computer scientists a long time to create the Internet which almost everybody has access to nowadays. Furthermore, we were introduced to artificial intelligence which has revolutionized our lives.
In today's modern era, mechanism plays a crucial role in our daily schedule. Some argue that advancements in machinery have made life more complicated, suggesting that the only way to simplify lifestyle is to completely avoid using technology. Although automation can make life more complex in some ways, it has also simplified many aspects of our lives. This essay will explore my perspective on this issue before reaching a final conclusion.
Social media has now proven to be one of the biggest parts of our lives. Some regard it as an indispensable tool, while others feel concerned about its impact on our social lives. This essay will delve into the positive and negative sides of social applications, as well as provide examples and arguments on why I personally believe that the disadvantages overshadow the benefits of the indicated development.
In numerous societies, household chores are shared between spouses because both of them are working long hours. In my opinion, I wholeheartedly agree with this idea as it is essential to support each other.
Due to the development of modernisation, governments allow real estate companies to build more skyscrapers in the city area. Some individuals argue that this condition creates loneliness and displeasure for certain groups of folks. I agree with someone who opines that the construction of tall building apartments has its own benefits for society.
The globalization era, with the high advancement of logistics, promotes the penetration of some multinational retail corporations. Hence, small and medium local booths have to compete with foreign capital companies. Some people think that the corollary of the collapse of small managers is the death of local communities. I firmly believe that local society will thrive by receiving many benefits from this insane competition, so I don’t agree with this point of view.
Some individuals argue that the most effective method to enhance road safety is to have drivers tested each term. In my opinion, I strongly agree with the given statement, and I will elaborate on it in this essay.
Nowadays, the advantages of cheaper public transportation have sparked a heated debate and drawn widespread attention. Many argue that the advantage is mainly the reduction of toxins, but others argue that it also improves travel conditions. After thorough consideration of all relevant factors, I believe that cheaper public transit results in less contamination and fewer gridlocks.
There is an opinion that primarily staff members, who have dedicated many years to working for a particular company, should be given executive positions in a company. I disagree with this viewpoint inasmuch as younger workers may have more skills and if not provided with an opportunity for a promotion, they will become demotivated.
The academic curriculum in the university requires it to be relevant to one’s chosen field. It is the opinion of others that some schools should focus on learning other subjects together with the main ones while others oppose it. In this essay, I will discuss both standpoints and briefly state my side with regard to this proposition.
It is often argued that social media is impacting our daily lives both on an individual and societal level. However, it is hard to deny that people are using it for various online negative activities. So, I agree with the given statement and I have ample points to prove my stand.
In the modern era, society raises questions regarding spending capital. Some People believe that spending funds on old buildings should not be a focus, as authorities should be more concerned about constructing new roads and houses. In my view, I totally agree with this idea and support my essay with relevant examples.
Nowadays, it is becoming common for some countries to encourage older professional people to retrain as school teachers. However, I disagree that this scheme will bring positive impacts for two reasons.
Some people believe that throughout history and still today, music remains the shared language of humanity. I partially agree with the given statement, and I will elaborate on it in this essay.
Having a perfect look is a life-long dream for many people. So they make many changes when it comes to styling, for example, a change in hair colour or style is easily noticed, Not only do some go under the knife to achieve that perfect look or simply wear jewellery that goes with the look. There are many reasons behind this trend. There is nothing wrong if somebody wants to make some changes in a look, however going for risky surgeries is not worth it, as their life is always at risk.
The global urbanization has been affecting most cities in the world. Many people prefer to live in a big city in order to get a well-paid job and a career. The tendency to move from rural areas to the cities has changed the infrastructure and caused some issues around road facilities. In my essay, I will talk about the solutions to improve the situation with traffic conjunctions - to build a new road or a metro.
Many proponents insist that many fast food stores generate bad influences on their health customers, so they suggest prohibiting these advertisement campaigns. Some critics argue that all companies have the right to advertise and their advertisements provide healthier options to their customers. I am convinced by the overall stance of the critic's group, and I also disagree with the ban on this company's marketing.
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