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Many proponents insist that many fast food stores generate bad influences on their health customers, so they suggest prohibiting these advertisement campaigns. Some critics argue that all companies have the right to advertise and their advertisements provide healthier options to their customers. I am convinced by the overall stance of the critic's group, and I also disagree with the ban on this company's marketing.
Nowadays, because of our technological development, pupils can easily access data on the Internet, so some people think that libraries will be unnecessary in the future. In my opinion, I strongly agree with the given statement, and I will elaborate on it in this essay.
These days, it can be noted that most employers use modern inventions to run their businesses. In my opinion, by using the latest technology, companies can do their work effectively, but when they rely on it too much, it can lead to a number of problems.
It is true to say that teenagers rely heavily on electronic devices such as computers, laptops, smartphones and so on for entertainment and study purposes. While I acknowledge that there are some positive effects of this trend, I believe that the drawbacks of using gadgets at a young age outweigh their benefits.
While the level of happiness among citizens living in developing countries is rising, society in developed nations is reportedly becoming unhappier. This essay will elaborate on several reasons for this problem and suggest some lessons that can be learnt from this.
It is true that family has an indispensable role to play in one's growing process. Therefore, some individuals harbour a belief that young people have to divert their free time from outside amusement to families. This essay will delve into both perspectives in a comprehensive manner before explicating my position.
Improvements in technology that occurred in the distant past produced more positive effects than the developments that have occurred in the last few years. I completely agree with this statement and the following paragraphs shall outline the reasons for this belief.
Owing to the rampant growth of the population, a significant amount of environmental concerns can be seen all over the world. Despite using fossil fuels other alternative solutions should be considered. I completely agree with the given phenomenon, since the depletion and burning of exhaustible resources bring about many negative ramifications such as global warming and wild animal extinction.
It is true that in today's modern world, widespread famine and food shortages still exist in many parts of the planet despite many breakthroughs in agricultural development. This essay will highlight several primary causes and suggest some measures that the government and anti-hunger organizations could take to combat this problem.
In the digital age, the shift towards online content is trending, raising questions about the future of printed newspapers and books. Hence, some argue that in the future, no one will buy printed materials because they will have free access to everything they want to read online. In my opinion, I partially agree that people will shift towards using online content more than traditional media, however, traditional printed books and newspapers have unique emotional and collectable values that the Internet cannot replace.
It is true that reading can contribute to imagining and learning languages. This essay will explain why I totally agree that reading is better than watching TV
It is an undeniable fact that people’s dependency on computers has surged for communications, medical and busses or train facilities in today’s era. This dependency can lead to some disadvantages. I agree with the notion that computers are useful in daily life but there are some demerits of using them.
In our daily life , we generally need to do various hard tasks. Most of these are risky and time-consuming. We know that without consistency with work, we can not achieve success i.e. actually no pain, no gain. Some people think that it is very crucial to take challenges, both in their working lives and their personal lives. As Individuals are unable to get facilities without accepting risks, they think it has significant roles. For this reason, I would say that the advantages of taking risks outweigh the disadvantages.
Taking risks is believed to be vital in the career and lifestyle of people. It seems to me that the cons of this issue outweigh the pros, In this essay, I will discuss why support this view and provide a conclusion.
Various individuals argue that there could be more advantages to the community if more folks study business than history. In my opinion, I partially agree with the given statement, and I will elaborate on it in this essay.
These days we live in an advanced society where it is becoming more popular to rely on free online resources rather than paper books or newspapers. Hence, there is an opinion that eventually everyone will prefer online books over paper ones. I agree with this statement and this essay will provide reasons for my viewpoint.
In the era of the digital period, science and technology play a significant role in convenient every scrutiny of activities in human life. It is believed that the most crucial aim of a branch of knowledge should be to improve individuals' lives. I agree with the statement and the essay describes the reason behind this.
It is true that young people are unlikely to spend time on outdoor activities. There could be several reasons why this is the case. This essay will explain why young people require staying at home more than activities like hiking and discuss some solutions to encourage them
These days, the ubiquitous presence of fast food chains and a sedentary lifestyle due to the fast-paced environment has caused many young people to become obese and unhealthy. I completely disagree with the idea that governmental bodies have the responsibility to tackle this situation for two main reasons.
In the era of technology, institutes, universities, colleges and schools are offering online courses for many people. In this essay, I will give some advantages and disadvantages of this.
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