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It is often argued that we should knock down old buildings and build modern ones because too much money has been spent looking after and repairing them. Although it is true that one can spend a lot of money to restore and look after the old buildings, I strongly disagree that we should just destroy them and build a new one instead.
There are conflicting views on whether individuals after graduating should land a job in small-size groups or large-scale ones. Although almost all people are fond of working for popular and big corporates, it is sensible that at the initial stages after graduation, graduates seek jobs at small-size companies.
Some educators hold a belief that all children should learn to play a certain musical instrument. Despite the disadvantages associated with students' hectic schedules, I believe that this approach is a good way to discover young musical talents and provide healthy pastimes for youngsters.
It is believed that modern innovations have changed the lives of people significantly due to the fact that it is becoming more convenient for consumers to purchase certain products. Personally, I strongly agree with this statement because I ponder that various machines have affected the way in which individuals do shopping.
Recently, there was an argument about whether the role of higher education is monumental for someone's success. While proponents believe that the debate is true, opponents opine the other way around. From my perspective, I strongly lean towards the advantages of a higher educational background since its contribution has been fundamental in our lives.
The imbalance of daily life has been exacerbated in the wider range of the population, while a few humans could achieve an ideal balanced life. This issue stems from the more competitive extent of the overspeed developing economy and this puzzle could be solved by the following remedy.
Recent years have witnessed a significant increase in the youth crime rate, causing widespread concern among the public. Under such circumstances, some contend that parents should be responsible or even punished for their children's actions. Personally, I hold a different perspective on this opinion and I believe that teenage lawbreakers should take all accountability for their offences.
Due to the complexity of processes within some companies, they have to hire people with specific attitudes and capabilities. While professional skills are vital in order to produce quality products or services there are positions and activities which require some specific personal features. I will bring some seasons and compare both approaches in the following paragraphs.
The persistence of poverty worldwide has raised concerns about the effectiveness of financial aid. In my opinion, developed countries should utilize other non-monetary measures including educational opportunities to ensure the eradication of poverty.
It is of the opinion that the preservation of wildlife has accounted for too much time and resources. Personally, I hold a different perspective on this notion. In this essay, I will explain my justification in detail.
It is thought by certain groups that different kinds of vehicles will be replaced by driverless systems. Since various benefits have witnessed in this trend, I personally suggest that the advantages are outweigh the disadvantages.
It is true that technology has significant improvements in many aspects these days. A certain part of individuals suggest that the most essential target for technology ought to enhance human lives. I completely agree with this statement since technology not only can facilitate the medical environment but also benefit the agricultural sector in many terms.
It is said that social networks have multiple platforms for updating events occurring globally. In my opinion, they should use social networking sites to connect with their community. In this article, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using social media applications.
Instead of funding roads, governments should invest in railroads. I completely agree because this is a good decision for the public. In my, opinion there are two reasons.
It is undeniable that roads and trains are the most essential facilities nowadays, the government must focus on them to provide nations an easy transport and a comfortable life as well. I totally agree with this statement and I think it will affect cities in a positive way.
The globalization and astonishing invention of the internet have had a great impact on learning methods. Although nowadays the majority of pupils have used the internet to learn and acquire the required information, libraries have their own importance in providing resources. I partially agree with the above notion and my reasons for the inclination are articulated in the following paragraphs.
Some are of the opinion that homeschooling ought to be prohibited due to its disadvantages, whereas others believe that it has several advantages. In my opinion, I consider that homeschooling is a great educational method which can benefit both parents and students.
At present, the bill continues to be a controversial topic, most individuals firmly believe that cash is saved via a bank or institution of capital, however, others feel capital ought to be spent if it is available. There are valid arguments on both sides, which I will discuss now.
Nowadays, there is an increasing number of advertisements in order to increase the companies' sales. In my view, this trend should be perceived as a negative trend. In this essay, I will propose some strategies to make valuable advertisements and some reasons for their bad influence.
Nowadays, more and more adolescents are working for salaries or to maintain job skills, however, some individuals claim that is totally wrong while others say it is valuable to job experience, necessary for discipline and educating. This essay will provide my own opinion with relevant examples leading to the second community.
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