IELTS Writing Samples Band 8

It is argued that when people move to to a foreign country, they should perform the custom and tradition of the new country. However, I disagree with this opinion, and I believe that people have freedom to decide whether to follow those new custom.
It has been observed that, in the various nations, overpopulation is becoming a major factor which leads to main problems. The following essay state one problem associated with the exorbitant rise in the crowd and the suggestions to reduce the impact in the country because of this.
Science and technology have revolutionized the mode of contact. It is argued by many individuals that the internet is closing the communication gap between people. In my opinion, I totally agree with this statement because you can contact someone in the other part of the globe within a second by contacting online or emailing them.
In every course in the tertiary institutions, the same proportion of both sexes should be admitted. I totally agree with this statement because the acceptance of boys and girls in every subject at the University would foster gender equality and prevent discrimination.
People in need should be cared for. In some nations, it is the governments that help the retired, unemployed and disabled with funds, while in other states, it is the responsibility of their families. This essay will discuss both the structures.
Dangerous and reckless sports have been popular and entertaining since long ago and most people believe that the individuals who take part in these should take care of themselves and not put the lives of rescue employees at risk. I completely disagree, since it is the rescue worker's duty to save lives when in need and of course they are provided with proper equipment and training to do so.
The choice of residence is a debated issue. Some people opt to live in a house while others are of the opinion that residing in a suite is more beneficial. People enjoy maximum space and privacy when they live in a house, although there are some drawbacks to this.
The number of people in most major cities around the world is increasing at a significant rate, which has resulted in a low standard of living in urban areas and the atmosphere has become dirty and crowded. This growth has happened because cities offer better job opportunities and better quality of life. The issue can be solved by improving the living facilities in rural areas and providing employment chances.
Although some companies endorse sports as a method of promoting their business. Some people are of the opinion that it is advantageous while others believe that there are problems associated with this. I consider that companies supporting sports, is a good way of gaining publicity.
It is indeed true that being an eminent personality does have its advantages as well as disadvantages. However, I think that people often try to manipulate the one with such status. Also, the person, to protect his/her image, has to create a façade in front of the general public and have to live his/her life in private which results in mental disorders. Therefore, it is my belief that celebrity status has more negatives than positives which are discussed further.
Nowadays, for getting better job opportunities, facilities and exposure, people are migrating to the rural places living their parents in the village. The following essay states the issues associated with the movements and the steps what can we take to overcome the problems.
In this modern world, some of the people argue that, for the development of a state, the education is the only major factor. However, some people, are having a reverse opinion and they believe that, other factors are also having equal importance for the development of the state. I am supporting the second group and this essay state the points to support my view.
Owing to the increased efficiency of work and reduced accidents that proper organisation confers, it is believed by many people that it is highly paramount to ensure that both work and home front are kept neat and properly organised at all times. In my own opinion, I completely agree with this view.
Nowadays, tourism in uninhabited areas is growing by leaps and bound. In addition, younger generation prefers holidays in destinations like Antarctica or deserts over cliché destinations of Europe. This essay will provide a detailed explanation in the following paragraphs on the merits and demerits of visiting these secluded areas.
The type of relationships we have with a partner, brothers, sisters, colleagues and neighbours are all different. It is argued by some people that connections should be established on honesty and trust, whereas, others believe that it is occasionally important to be dishonest in order to sustain balance. In my opinion, sincerity and faith are the important pillars on which any relation has built upon because these are everlasting and without these, it can only be built on mistrust and suspicion.
The idea is divided into whether people should develop social life with their colleagues or they would widen the network with those unrelated to their work. However, there are some benefits of both views, I would argue that created a new relationship would be a great opportunity to have more experiences.
Computers are increasingly common in schools everywhere. While the benefits of such technology are obvious, there are also some people who believe relying on technology is harmful. I personally believe that technology has a role to play in schools, but needs to be used with care.
Some people think it is not a good idea for teachers to give home study task to school children. While others say it is an essential part of learning. In my view, youngsters need to be assigned homework for better exam results because it gives them a chance to enter higher education.
The adolescents have a great amount of admiration towards the Public figures. Although, some people believe that the public figures do not set a right example for the teenagers and many believe otherwise. In my view, there are positive as well as negative aspects.
Most of the players in the world are born with the distinct talent which drives them to become famous. However, some persons are well known in the nation with their continuous effort and dedication in their respective sport. In this essay, I will be discussing both the points and in my opinion, individuals achieve their heights because of their hard work and rigorous practise.