IELTS Writing Samples Band 8

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At the present time in very common in many states that they put chemical substances to store and growth of food. The essay will argue that despite it brings aroma, attractiveness and last long, there are far more dangerous health impact on adults and children.
In this contemporary world, numerous modes of transportation, which are being evolved in all the parts of the word, are now competing among themselves for government funding. With this in mind, some pragmatists propound that road development is the need of an hour. I am in partial discord with the above perspective that authorities should deploy more resources on roads than on railways.
Some segment of people wants to live to be a vegetarian because they think that it is a best way to live fit and healthy. People who against the animal experiment they also said that do not add non-vegetarian dishes in your meal as it helps the world as a whole. According to my point of view, we should add some proportion of meat or fish in our routine diet. I will explain this in the following paragraph.
It is often thought that rather than allowing certain convicts to rot in jail, they should be assigned community work without pay. I strongly believe that some criminals should be engaged to provide free services to the society they live instead of being put behind bars. I will discuss two major reasons why I think so in subsequent paragraphs.
It is often believed that only locally sourced edibles should be sold in stores. In addition to homemade edibles, I strongly believe that shops should also include imported groceries on display. I will discuss two major reasons why supermarkets should not only stock local foodstuffs, but also foreign foods.
The success of an organization depends on its internal and external factors. While many are of the opinion that the decisions of a company ought to be taken by executives, I believe the best method is to incorporate staff members when making decisions.
In this contemporary era, idea and thoughts, which can be expressed through various means like writing, movies, paintings and many more, should have the liberty to be presented. However, understanding the sentiments of fellow beings is essential and hence government restrictions play a significant role. I am in partial accord with the above perspective that artists should be given radical freedom to showcase their views.
Some individuals opine that governments should spend money on public services rather than on arts like paintings and music, which are a waste of money. I am in complete agreement with this statement because the welfare and development of people should be the prime concern for the government.
In today's modern era, new products are launched with a blink the eyes, either these are gadgets, clothes or kitchen items. However, many people buy these products unnecessarily even, if, they already have that products in old form. In my opinion, buying new things, which are not in need are just scrap of cash. This essay will further elaborate the reasons and negative effects of this trend and thus will form a logical conclusion.
In a democratic system elected people representatives forms the government to decide on a country’s progress in various sectors. Some people believe that the authority should be investing more money on services to public, including infrastructure development rather than squandering money in the field of arts. This essay will argue, why, funding on creative activity is as important as modernisation.
The artists have brought a considerable change for the improvement of a nation. Hence, the liberty should always devote the creative artists in order to express their concepts to people in any method as they want. Therefore, the authority should encourage them instead of prohibiting their works. I completely agree with this view of devoting right to the artists to express their notions by the elected officials.
Examination at the end of each term is a part of the curriculum in school education which is common in most parts of the world. This essay will discuss that the purpose of these evaluations is to judge the amount of knowledge gained by the student during that semester and alternative methods to evaluate are the research and assigning projects.
With the advantage of technology, the majority of the people are socializing online these days instead of meeting physically. It has negative impacts on the affection of the human relation and it is hazardous; therefore, this trend is more disadvantageous.
It is argued that investments in arts and music has been just a wasting of resources, and the authorities should spend this money on public sectors. I do not quite agree with this view. In my opinion, the officials should allocate appropriate funding for both services.
These days, increasing inhabitants of the big cities is making several problems. This essay will discuss the main issues related to the citizens and suggest some possible solutions to avoid them.
There is no doubt that the government’s intervention is vital to a country’s economy. Some people believe that the government should regulate the outrageous amount of wages certain citizens earn while others think that it is a bad idea. In this essay, I will analyse both sides and highlight my support for the former.
It is generally believed by a society that the most crucial part about being wealthy is to provide the opportunities to volunteer other beings. I completely agree with this statement. This essay shall discuss the views with relevant examples in subsequent paragraphs.
Of recent, there are several individuals who decide to be entrepreneurs instead of being an employee working for an industry or organization because of several reasons. Also, there are various demerits of being self employed which includes having a highly troubled beginning. This essay will discuss why several people opt out to be their own boss and it's accompanying demerits.
Money Management is one of the most important skills that everyone and especially teenagers should be aware of as early as possible. A skill which is neglected by almost all schools is proving detrimental in the person's life as well as for government on a long run.
Nowadays, online learning has become an increasingly popular activity. However, while being able to obtain an education through online system allow us to do it according to own convenience and at cheap cost, it has a number of drawbacks which cannot be overlooked.
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