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It is argued by a few individuals that extreme usage of mobile phones has detrimental effects on adolescent’s education. I completely agree with this statement. This essay will explain 2 fundamental reasons to illustrate how addiction to mobiles is causing a damaging effect on young children's academic scores.
It is argued that a growing number of workers struggle to have to good work-life balance. This essay will suggest that the principle cause of the problem is overspending and submit financial management as a viable solution, followed by a reasoned conclusion.
The competition between the older and younger generation people is increasingly getting stiffer whilst seeking jobs. This essay will firstly discuss the pivotal issues that are a result of this situation, namely under utilisation of human resources and economic crisis, and later will suggest answers to address this condition, like employment generation and opportunities to achieve a financial stability.
Some individuals consider that multicultural country grow more quickly in comparison with homogeneous society. I completely agree with the notion because diversity is important for new ideas and development.
The seed of greatness is present in every being. It is assumed that individuals have inherent abilities on their inside in order to make them great in areas such as sports and music, while others don't. Despite this, I believe that anyone can be trained to be as great or even greater those who have these skills within them.
Some would argue that there is no point going to the movie centre to watch movies since we can access any movies of our choice via the internet-enabled phone. While others opine that the cinema is the best way to go. In my opinion, using our phone to watch films are more convenient when compared to the cinema.
Mega cities where myriads of people are living so that they are confronted with lots of disadvantages. A number of issues have been arisen for the over population in huge cities. For that reason, governments should motivate people to leave the biggest region for staying in small towns.
I have been accepted to join the Masters of Science programme in the winter semester at your college. I am supposed to meet you in an interview next Monday morning, but I am afraid the timing contradicts another important meeting. I am hoping that you would allow me to meet you sometime later on that day or on a different day.
Some would argue that the financial management course should be included in college school student’s course work since it is an essential life skill. In my opinion, I believe that introducing it at an earlier age will help in shaping their future life as a responsible adult.
Learning foreign languages means different things for different people. Some people learn it to work in foreign countries, while others believe that there are more reasons other than working abroad.I personally believe that working overseas require their local languages for communication for certain jobs and visiting the country, but it would be quite unwise to give the credit solely for the purpose of travelling.
A few people argue that whether team sports or individual sports is pivotal to a sports person. From my perspective, sports played in team have their own significance, and individually playing any types of games have different kinds of benefits which will not be gotten if any sportsman plays in a group. For that reason, it is essential of a person’s willingness which types of sports he / she likes to play.
Being successful in life is a dream of every individual. Factors such as hard work, dedication and determination as well as wealth and personal appearance contribute to their achievements. However, I am of the opinion that, talent and calculated efforts are desired and solely responsible for accomplishments.
Due to drastic change in the economy the purchasing power of people has increased, leading to over purchase and buying of unnecessary items.I suggest that we should spend the cash as per our income and save funds if any adversity arises.
It is argued by some that in recent times, we have multiple options to choose from. Personally, I completely agree with this statement.
There is a debate about the superiority between talent and constant practice which records success in sport. In my opinion, I will say commitment to development is the password to set record in sport. This is because consistency in the place of practice brings one into perfection.
Pollution is beyond doubt, a raging issue. Numerous steps are being taken by governments across the world to combat this. No-cars day is one such initiative which was being followed in most countries to combat greenhouse gasses. While some believe this is an effective approach, others argue there are alternatives. In this essay, I am going to discuss both the views and express my thoughts as well.
It is the belief of some that giving people incentives, according to the level of their production and sales is the most effective way to inspire them to be hard working. It is true money motivates people, however, in my opinion, I completely disagree with this train of thought because loyalty cannot be bought and it breeds Unhealthy work habits.
I’m writing to you to say thank you for agreeing to look after my house & pet while I’m on my holiday. I’m very grateful for your help as it means a lot to me. I’ll be going out for the vacation from 1st September to 5th September, 19.
In recent times, there has been lots of debate on the most efficient ways to boost employee morale in the workplace. Some people believe that, it is best for payment to be based on actual number of goods produce and sold. This essay will discuss why the above viewpoint is considered appropriate.
Schools are the educational backbone for the young generations. Despite the plenty of sources to get information from like the Internet and media, school still represent the main gate of information for the students. The educational system may differ from country to another on what they do focus on. Some schools keep its curriculum updated and wide to contain all the essential knowledge including health-related topics.
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