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Nowadays, teenagers are making their selection in the wrong pathway and end up into doing illegal activities. Some believe that parents skill and supervision have lagged with the behaviour of their children. I mostly agree that the youth has to blame for their own decision and activities, instead of their parents.
Day by day, the rate of crime is increasing, and we need to find what are the causes and solutions in order to prevent further criminal activity. Most of the reasons of climbing up the crime rate are poverty and lack of the consequences of actions. Therefore, the government should think about alternative ways to reduce criminal act.
It is globally debated that the key way to enhance performance is to base remuneration on the level of productivity. I totally agree with this assertion because most personnel maximize their capacity when they are aware that pay is production driven.
In the last few decades, rising sports have become popular among the people, and some argue that, government should forbid this kind of sports permanently. However, I deny this statement that sports like sky diving and skiing are too menacing, therefore I believe this is not.
It is important to consider the economic values of museums in our society. While some collect charges for entry, others do not. I agree that the benefits of imposing fees to allow access into museums outweigh their drawbacks. The reasons for this will be discussed.
There has been a dramatic increase in the number of people, who are purchasing ready made food items rather than preparing by their own. This proliferation of eating ready to eat food has several definite merits, however, it has more grave drawbacks which will be put forward in this essay
Recently, it has been claimed that the parenting and child development courses would ensure that children are getting the right guidance and support from their guardians. I completely agree with this trend, for providing knowledge backed up with science and network of relationships to improve family relations.
There is no doubt that homelessness is increasing in today’s society. Some people believe that the best way to tackle this problem is to give them cash. In the essay, I will discuss both sides and explain why I do not agree with this statement.
In many parts of the world, cities are expanding consistently. This alarming rise has yielded a number of issues will be discussed along with a suggested solution.
Making new friends through the social media and online chat groups, such as We Chat and Facebook became very popular in citizen’s everyday live. Some people believe this method is great, but others hold an idea of a face to face way is better. This essay will discuss both views and give my opinion.
There is no doubt that social networking sites have a huge impact on society. Despite having brought global communities together, I agree that they have created many differences within the community itself.
Nowadays, several people are having a hard time maintaining their diets to a healthy level. While the main causes of such problem are lack of discipline from individuals and governments imposing higher prices of good quality foods, there are also practical ways that can be done to solve this issue.
Artists' play an imperative role in human civilization.Although the artists have less wage compared to other sectors, but they have support from non-profit organisations, and with the advent of technology they are recognized globally. Thus, I disagree with this statement.In this essay I will discuss why the artists do not require the government support.
Rural residents going for shopping in big city stores are resulting in small town centre shops running out of business. Exposure to new products may be argued as an advantage, but the detrimental effect of the products not being used locally and the fact that sometimes the same product may be available at a higher rate in cities cannot be ignored.
In many cultures like, such as in the US, salaries are now given based on their performance and education they gained. However, although some think that providing far higher salaries for senior managers than the other workers, I believe that it is justifiable to offer high salaries for seniors for two main reasons.
Shopping has always been considered as a vital part in people's lifestyle, whether buying personal items or daily grocery needs. With the modernization, infrastructure has improved in developing countries which led to the opening of multiplex stores. In my opinion, it has positively influenced an individual and the society. This essay will illustrate the outweighing advantages of big shopping malls with the relevant examples.
Information technology has grown inadvertently in the last 2. It is altering the day-to-day activities of our routine life. Software technology has made living easy and entertaining. Meanwhile, it is making people lazy. This essay will discuss why the merits of artificial intelligence supersede the associated demerits.
These days, the increase in human population is creating a burden for major and small cities. While some people argue that to solve this problem countryside should be opened up to create more housing for people, but on the contrary some believe that the countryside should be preserved. I believe countryside should not be changed to accumulate more people because the consequence will affect the entire world.
Increase in automobiles leads to environmental and traffic problems. The rise in petrol price is the best way to solve all the problems. I completely disagree with this statement However, this essay will discuss about the other factors that might be effective.
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