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There has been an increase in the number of people supporting animals’ rights, while some people believe that they should be exploited for human’s needs. Although each point of view has its merits. I would agree with the former.
Humans are considered the most superior creature in the world. There are two schools of thought, one thinks that wildlife should have equal rights as human beings and they should not be abused, while others consider them as a tool for different purposes,
It is believed by many people that animals should be given the same values alike humans and should not be abused whereas, others claim that there is nothing wrong with this if animals are used as a source of food and academic research. In my view, there
Animals are being used by humans in agriculture,research and for food from the beginning of mankind. Advocates of animal rights are pushing for the same rights for them as humans, while the other group of people are in favour of utilizing animals as much
Recent years have witnessed a rise in the rate of crime in some countries; some opine that hiring more police on the streets will alleviate the problem of crime. In my opinion, I totally disagree with them since perpetrators are not educated and their pro
Human beings are superior to animals by all means thus their rights vary too. A number of people claim that animals should not be manipulated as they have feelings alike. whereas, others advocate that animals employed better for the various research purpo
All living beings including animals are part of the nature. A large population believe that animals should not be utilised by humans while others assert that they play an important role in food and research. I hold the view that animals should not be empl
Animals, undoubtedly, are an imperative part of the ecosystem. However, it has become a controversial issue that whether animals should be prevented from involving in experimentation and killed or not. As far as I am concerned, I deem that animals must be
In modern society, animal exploitation has received a great deal of media attention. Many arguments have been made for and against this issue. In this essay, I will discuss both views and state my own position.
An animal is also a creature of God like a human being and has the right to live their life with their own desires. However, a group of the public says that animal should not be used by human for their personal needs whereas others think that it is fine t
From the last few decades, being increased the important of animals across the globe, because they are important part of the world. some people believe that animals should have strict rules in order to protect them, others think that human can utilise the
Crowds vary in their passion for animals or pets. It's one of the argued aspects as the public is divided into two groups. One side is believing that animals should be equal to the population in all aspects and provide them with the security, meal and spa
Animals have been dominated by human beings from prehistory to the present day. Many people believe that this would be against their rights, while there is a group of people who contend that human is prioritized over other species. Thereby, to benefit fro
A significant number of individuals assert that animals should be utilized by people and thus should have the same rights as mankind. While others argue that these creatures should be used to gratify the human plethora of needs such as feeding and conduct
Most of the people have a penchant for animals and does not authorize any human being to exploit it for their greed, while, a group of living beings take advantage of animals in the field like food and research. As per my opinion, animals deserve the same
Many people hold the view of providing equal rights to animals as compared to humans and oppose the idea of exploitation of animals. However, others believe that humans have the complete right on animals for a number of requirements including food and sci
The utilization of animals for science and other projects is a debatable topic. The few of mankind think, an egalitarian behaviour must be adapted for wildlife and they shall not be harassed by humans for personal needs, whilst, others have a belief, they
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