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Travelling has become increasingly popular. It is argued by some people that science research and tourism to far natural environment is presently possible to places such as the South Pole. This essay will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this development.
The increasing development in the field of technology and scientific mobility has allowed people to visit extreme places such as south poles, rain forest and many more. Although this allowed them to reach greater heights of expertise but also initiated some concern about the damage produced to the natural environment. This essay will showcase both the side of impacts produced by such events.
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Nowadayes, there are more abilities for both scientists and tourists to travel to remote natural areas and enviroment.
In recent times, jouneys to distant natural habitats like the South Pole by men of science and tourism is a possibility. Although this occurrence has been useful in research promotion and knowledge expansion, it has some negative effects.
The possible of inhabitingthe natural environment by scientists and tourists createsboth advantages and disadvantages. It can save nature and the environment or create chaos by those who have done so without caution.In the South Pole, the ability to live withthe naturesuch as polar bears,would save them from being extinct as we all know the main reason causing this isglobal warming.Thisbasically is the heatmelting the ice;therefore,destroyingtheir place of living. The scientist perhaps can transportthem to another place that suitstheir habitats and movethem back once they are breeding a lot in order to decrease their chance of extinction. Another advantageis perhaps the scientist can figure a way to create gigantic iceglaciers like those in the South Pole and transportthem to a place where the ice hasalready melted.Another benefit of inhabitingthe natural environment is to save the AmazonRainforest that hasbeen on firefor more than three weeks due to lack of farmer ducation, selfishness of the population and inefficient waysto handle the problem by the government. The farmersburn the forest down to create landfor farming. The people cut trees down tosell. The government lacksregulation to control and look afterthe forest etc. The movingof the Amazon Rainforest to another place which is takencare by organizersor agentswho specialize in this field,would be the most efficient and fastest way to restore the forest and animal wildlife there.On the other hand, the disadvantage of this development mainly comesfrom the disagreement of who and where to move to. If this development can be done easily, selfishpeople might movewildlife animalsto their own property or collection.Or,there might be a disagreement between country and organization.for example the Amazon Rainforest case. The Brazilian government might claim its their own property and not allow the land to be Inhabited. If this problem getsworse,itcould lead to war or chaos.In conclusion, in my opinion,I believe it’s more advantageousas we could save the world and create a better place. If all of us really care and want the best for our world,there would not be a disagreement that could lead to a big problem.
With the advancement in technology, it makes easy for the people to explore the world, even in that are which has very extreme whethers. So it is possible for the researchers and the traveller to travel to remote natural environment like the South Pole. Well this practise has its own pros and cons. I personally agree that aformentioned statement has more merit over the demerit. This essay will cast the light in details with examples.
Nowadays, with the development of technology and communication many scientists and tourists are able to conquer the remote areas such as the South Pole, Amazon Rainforests, without any inconvenience. Moreover, there are many pros and cons due to such enhancements, which will be discussed in detail in this essay.
Many people argue that the government requires to invest more money in order to develop the railway system of the country. This is because this mode of transportation is compartively more environmentally friendly than other modes. Especially, over night trains and hi-speed railways can be matched with aeroplanes. However, to attract more and more travellers, the authorities should take certain steps and strategies to ensure reliability, convenienece and punctuality. This is highly beneficial to reduce on raod traffic congestions and pollutions significantly.
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An increasing number of mode of transportation are nowadays available to travel around the world. This has created a way for the various kinds of people, for instance, scientists and tourists, to reach the countryside or village, specifically south pole, where it riches in natural resources. This essay will discuss how this improvement could impact the environment and surroundings of those places.
In this modern world,reaching to stomping grounds is the rarest thing in the whole globe which is desired by a handful of people in order to get rid of the polluted urban areas.Visiting far natural areas has become more available than before, however, it has its own benefits and weakness. Whereas I contend the advantages offset its damages. In this essay, both sides will be argued and concluded.
Visiting distant natural environment, such as the South Pole, is becoming a readily available option nowadays for scientists and tourists. While discovering these incredibly authentic areas is a major advantage of this development, disturbing rare animals and polluting their natural habitat is the main disadvantage.
The diagram graphs give information to how electiricity produced in a hydroelectric power station.Hydroelectric system has mechanism and also in this mechanism has been started from the river. Part of the high level reservoir includes water and dam, hence dam is open and produce electricity in a day also it is close and water during pumping in nigh. It is a systematic, after this part water are going to power station so electricity has been generated by the generator. Power lines are used by the national grid. When a generator pumping to electiricity in during day situation has to change, for example, in day, reversible turbines are operating generator but in night pump water into high level reservoir. In the last part of mechanism low level reservoir related to power station.
The places having extreme weather such as Antarctica and the Sahara Desert were mysterious before as it was hard to access there. However, with the advance of science, scientific researchers and travellers can go to the remote area to study and explore. This achievement brings a new discovery to natural science, however, at the same time destroying the purity of natural beauty.
Over recent years,advanced in technology.These days people trip to, for example south pole.While this can be beneficial to some extant.However, there are both and cons of deciding to do this. In this essay.I will discuss some of the reasons why researchers journey of this kind of places.
As the technologies have developed, people now can easily travel to remote natural areas. Along with many advantages, there are disadvantages of this trend as well.
Numerous characters deem scientists and travellers are able to fly any areas now, which is beneficial for the population; in contrast, certain groups of people oppose and affirm this trend is perilous for our lives. In this essay, I will examine, firstly, the merit of setting foot in isolated natural places, and secondly, the negative aspect of this phenomenon, followed by a reasoned conclusion.
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As technology has developed, society can now travel to remote natural areas. While this trend is beneficial to some extent, I would argue that its disadvantages are more significant.
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