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Recently, this has been a Revolutionary question as well as problem that if watching television for excessive amount of time is better than reading a book for children. Moreover, is this the reason that children are less well-educated nowadays? Well, this has it pros and cons. Some people say it is not and others are contradicting them with proper arguments and considerable result of researches done by prestigious organisations.thus to understand the problem and to get appropriate solution here is the explanation for why I am agree to this with logical statements.
People argue that children nowadays are addicted to television, thus neglecting to read books and become less well-educated. Although books are obviously irreplaceable, I partly agree with the statement because children can be benefitted from certain TV education programmes.
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It is utterly claimed that in today’s world immature individuals allot the amount of time to watching TV; however, book cannot be replaced by television as a learning tool, which is why children are less well-educated at present. I partially agree with above-mentioned notion as the arguments for and against are equal.
Recent years, children spend their most of time watching television. Whereas it doesn't supersede books as an education enhancement tool. In my opinion, TV shows hardly make the offsprings intelligent.
It is irrefutable that education is an important pillar in any human civilisation. In recent times, kids spend a significant amount of time watching television. Some people consider television as a reason behind less educated children, while they consider book as a prime source of knowledge. I tend to agree with this statement as people envisage creativity by reading books and try to look for motivation.
Many people hold a viewpoint that children spending a plenty of time on television. However, TV programmes does not play a role as a books in students' life. This is the reason that children are not as well-educated as previous generation. In my overview, i concur that most children are occupied by parents in the family. In fact, the main resource of the education that student can learn from book such a teaching tool for them.
It is true that adolescents and teenagers are becoming fond of digital entertainment industry and spend more time in front of it. Undoubtedly, books are the valuable tool for learning and there is no comparison with Television. In my opinion, I vehemently agree with this former notion as TV not only divert the students from actual study content, but also influence towards unnecessary contents those are not meant for their age groups.
The 'Idiot box' is what they used to call the television, not long ago. Television viewing habits amongst the children have changed over the years, and now children spend a considerable amount of time watching television and as far as learning is concerned, televsion can never replace the book as a learning tool. This is one of the leading resons in children for lack of education. I completely agree with this thought and this essay would highlight the reasons for the same.
Indeed, a tremendous changes has been brought by technical appliances at every facet of life. Irrefutably, watching TV has made the people mutiskilled. However, the importance as well as place of books can never be replaced. Both ways of learning has an indispensable value world widly. I firmly tend to be disagree that TV is not only the reason of being less well educated.
In the contemporary era, Even though adolescents spend their considerale deal of time by watching television, they cannot learn that much from it. In fact, this cannot replace the book as a learning tool. Personally , I strongly agree that even though there are a plethora benefits for teenagers by watching television, there are a lot of disadvantages for children- teenagers can easily divert; improper content telecasting.
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Kids these days watch television for extended hours. This directly results in them being poor with academics as the books cannot be replaced with TV as the source of education. I completely agree with this, as in my opinion books provide uninterrupted knowledge whereas in the case of television, it has a lot that can cause distraction.
There is no doubt that today it is quite often to see kids spending enormous time in watching TV as a result of which a lions share of society believes this as a culprit for the lower grades of their cherubs and consider that this could never replace books in learning, while i do not agree with them completely. The books as well as the entertaining-box holds something knowledgeable for everybody. In this essay i shall put forth how both of these sources could be used to imbibe new concepts.
With the advanced technology,most people choose a variety of digital devices as their educational material. However, some people argue that television comprises a large amount of percentage of adverse impact on education rather than a traditional book. Despite some disadvantage of television has emerged, I will argue that television is one the good option for learning.
The current generation of children is spending most of their time in front of the television. Anyway, television cannot play the role of a book as a learning utility, hence children these days are not experts in education. I completely disagree with this statement. I believe that television play a key role in children's education and capable enough to replace books.
The issue of whether book can be replaced by television and resulting in students are less well-educated is certainly a contentious one. However, this argument is unconvincing since book is also a necessary tool for learning. Two of the principal reasons for this are as follow.
Nowadays, television became a hobby for children to watch in their spare time. Some people believe that TV cannot provide the level of learning as compared to books which creates a problem in society of illiteracy among kids. In this essay, I will discuss why I am completely agreeing with the statement.
Variety of shows in television are now popular with many children nowadays. Some of the broadcasting system offers a wide range of education series that is being aired. However, some people believe that reading a book is the best way to learn and educate children. I completely agree to the fact that books is the best study material despite of the developing technology around the world.
It is undeniable that television is a major invention and has been facilitating the people in all spheres of their lives since long. Therefore, children these days are more concerned in watching television programs. However, some people contend that television can never take the place of books in the learning process and the excessive devotion towards TV make the children less intelligible. This essay will argue why the role of books is entirely necessary in order to educate the learners despite some few benefits of learning from TV.
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In this present world, the TV has become the huge presence all over the globe. Television is the most populer visual media among children for entertaining. Some people claim that children can use television as a good learning device. However, still the books are excellent learning material that cannot replace by tv. Spending hours for watch TV reduce the interest for use books that leads less well-educated children. I completely agree with the statement and in this essay, I will explain the reasons for my point of view.
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