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In most countries, providing the best education to young people is becoming a main goal. Nevertheless, some believe that teaching adults who are not able to write or read is much more crucial, and it needs more funds to
Though education for young people is a must, there is an argument that government funds should be more focused on the education of aged ones with a lack of basic literacy. I strongly agree with this statement because the
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Nowadays education is a crucial debate for almost all humanity and it is important for youngsters as well as adult population. In my opinion, the government should allocate equal resources and investments for elders and
Education of young individuals is highly prioritized in many countries, however, there are adults who are not able to write or read and I strongly agree that educating them is more crucial and governments should take som
In many countries, there is an ongoing debate about whether the government should allocate more resources to improve education for adults who struggle with reading and writing. However, learning is crucial for both young
In recent years, whether education for the young is vital in nations has sparked much debate. Some people assert that countries should mainly focus on people from a young age, whereas others argue that the government sho
It can be argued that the vast majority of countries support child apprenticeships instead of mature individuals who believe that the ruling powers should waste public funds on them. Personally, I strongly disagree with
Instruction of young individuals is highly emphasised in many nations. However, some communities believe that tutoring adults who do not have proficiency is even more vital, and governments should spend more funds on thi
The government plays an important role in supporting education. I completely agree with the idea that it is just as important for the government to support the education of illiterate adults to be able to read and write,
Most governments spend much to educate the young. But despite this effort, there are often adults in each country who remain illiterate. Thus, some believe that educating these people should be an even bigger priority, p
It is argued that governments should prioritize eliminating illiteracy among adults instead of focusing solely on educating young people. I completely agree with this statement and believe that investing in programs to i
Over recent decades, many countries have been trying to improve their level of culture ,especially for young communities. While there are some disadvantages to spending more pay on the young crowd than adults, I personal
Some people think that it is more important to prioritize the education of adults with low education over the education of young people and that the government should invest more money in this area. In my opinion, while
Nowadays, more and more countries’ governments put teenagers' education in a highly prioritized place, but they are always ignoring educating adults who did not learn how to write and read. I completely agree that the
The focus of education has long been a subject of heated debate around the world. While some people hold the view that special attention should be directed towards illiterate adults, others place emph
These days, educating kids and teenagers is predominated in a tons of societies but some individuals say that it is further vital to educate citizens who does not have abilities for writing and reading and governments ha
It is sometimes argued that some adult literacies should be provided financial aid to educate by the government. In my opinion, we should focus on educating the knowledge to youngsters.
It is often argued that government need to invest more money to improve the literacy of adults. I mostly agree with this viewpoint because all humans have a right to learn without any discrimination. In this essay, I wil
In this period of development of globalization, many communities believe that the young generation must get an education. Whereas others believe, the government should teach the elderly community to read and write. In my
Nowadays, many argue that young people need to be given more knowledge than the elderly. but some believe that the government should also teach the elderly to read and write. I absolutely disagree with this opinion, beca
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