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Children have to learn how to behave properly. From how to speak properly to how to eat with good manners. But not every person is getting teached sach things from their Parents. Some parents have full time jobs so they
Some say that the government has the obligation to take the pupils to school, while others would argue that the parents are the ones that should transport their children to school. This essay would argue that although th
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In recent years, we might find the children in public especially in school were playing a phone for any occasions such as playing games, watching videos on the internet, or just scrolling social media, while the school a
Since the rapid development of society, plenty of methods of children's education have been changed significantly. Proceeding from this many parents all over the world decide to send their kids to English-speaking school
Children have to learn what better behaviours are and what right and wrong stuffs are. Undoubtedly, their parents should primarily take the responsibility to teach them. As long as staying at school for a long time daily
The role of school and family in educating children has long been a topic of debates. Some believe that only teachers should teach and introduce youngsters to good behaviors, while other do not. Considering the above arg
The co-parents have an unquestionable responsibility to inculcate good behaviors and attitudes in the children. Nowadays, there is an argument about the school mentors should discipline their students by teaching good ha
A part of the population believes that both schools and parents should be responsible for teaching children how to behave and how to make the difference between what is good and what is bad. I think it depends on the ci
A part of the population believes that both schools and parents should be responsable for teaching children how to behave and how to make the difference between what is good and what is bad. I think it depends on circum
It has been debated by major section of society that teachers are equally responsible as parents.Teachers should help children to inclulcate good habits. I firmly agree with the viewpoint and will explain my perspective
Some people believe that schools and parents should act together to teach good behaviour to children and take responsilities from parents' shoulder. I totaly agree with that view because schools and parents have differen
It is argued by some that their kids ought to do additional classes after school, while others believe that this is an extra load for their children. In my opinion, I believe that having extra-curricular lessons gives m
It is irrefutable that being healthy and in good shape is crucial to productive life. While some folks think that educational institutions should teach subjects related to health, others think that it is the family duty
While many people are convinced that extracurricular activities are necessary for children after school, some people argue that they should decrease the stress level of their children. In my opinion, I consider that extr
While some parents think that their children must have extracurricular activities after school hours, others assume that such a practice can cause pressure among pupils. In my opinion, I consider that doing curricular a
While it is sometimes thought that children ought to do extra-curricular activities after school hours, others claim that such activities can lead to additional pressure. In my opinion, I believe that there is plenty of
Some people argue that it is vital to invest in the education of young students to acquire useful subjects like science and computer rather than devoting time and money to music courses . I completely agree that children
Schools as well as parents are trying to provide a wide range of experiences for pupils and their children. Nowadays, our society demands children to learn so-called useful subjects only for example science and computer
Nowadays, the standard of behaviour among children has worsened. Some people believe this phenomenon is caused by parents, while others argue that it is because of schools. In fact, I side with those who believe that it
IT is argued that presently children behaviour standard is becoming worsening. Some of the individuals argue that its their parents fault. Whereas another section of society believes that schools should be blamed for th
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