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In the technology savvy era, it is irrefutable fact that humankind has increased tremendously and the current era is enriched with new innovations. Nowadays, as the rate of crime inclining at an astronomical rate authorities are lying emphases on installing video cameras in public places to reduce the percentage of activity that is against the law. But multifarious people may consider it an invasion of public privacy. This essay shall intend the advantages and disadvantages in the following paragraphs.
There is no doubt that in most urban areas having surveillance cameras in the communal location are imperative to decrease malfeasance and promote orderliness. However, few individuals feel that these procedures will hindrance personal rights. In my view, I think that the interest of safety exceeds the downside and the justification and precedents will be elicited in the ensuing paragraphs.
Nowadays, with rise in the rate of crime, authorities are lying emphases on installing video cameras at places of public interest to ensure safety in society. Video surveillance has gained immense popularity in a number of cities in recent years. While critics may consider in an invasion of public privacy, I believe that the benefits prevail over the drawbacks.
In today`s advanced world, science and technology have helped improve all aspects of our life, in the field of the security as well. However, in some cases people might feel uncomfortable under pressure of so many observances. Does it matter to fix them in the large amount? This essay will discuss the possible benefit and drawback of the situation and put forward some evidences.
With the increasing of many criminal activities in public area, Camera surveillance has been adopted as an effective way to reduce crime rate in many places around the world. It has been argued that although these devices help fight back against unwanted crimes and increase the level of securities, some people still believe that their personal privacy have been violated. In my own point of view, the advatanges do outweigh the disadvanatages for these below reasons.
There has been a rise in the use of CCTV cameras in most urban areas in order to curb crime rates. Although, it is believed by most individuals that, this method in an invasion on one's privacy. However, I think the benefits of beefing up security measures far outweigh the displeasure felt by the people.
The proliferation of criminal activities has resulted in the increased use of surveillance cameras. The usefulness of these systems is debatable, as some people believe that these equipment limits our freedom. This essay will discuss the benefits and disadvantages and why it is better to continue using video cameras in public places.
It is obvious that an increase in the number of crime leads to the increase in the number of video cameras in public places. While some people hold a view that video camera usage in public places could contribute to crime reduction, others think that it is an invasion of privacy.
It is true that video surveillance has become commonplace in many cities in recent years. While I understand that critics may see this as an invasion of privacy, I believe that there are more benefits than drawbacks.
The use of surveillance cameras as crime deterrence is indeed being increased in many places around the world. Although some argue that these measures violate people’s privacy, I believe that the beneficial effects of increasing security using video cameras do outweigh the disadvantages.
Nowadays closed-circuit cameras are generally accepted in various ways. They can be applied to observation, abnormalities investigating, and suspicious behaviour that will be caused to the culmination in different situations. In my opinion, there are three main methods asides from their superficial consequence in people's society.
There is increase in use of video surveillance in many towns while many people criticise that it reduces their privacy. I personally believe that the merits of video cameras are more in comparison to demerits because it helps in detection of criminals and protection of property.
There are more and more cities where the used of video cameras has increased to stop the crimes, but there are people that think that this is a way of restricting the people freedom.
It is true that the use of CCTV is becoming widespread. In this regard, it is sometimes argued that an increasing number of cameras in public places could violate the privacy of people. However I do believe that the advantages could outweigh the possible drawbacks.
It is well-known a fact that technology has made many features for the better life of humans. Nowadays, in many urban areas, the number of using video cameras is being inclined in order to cut the crime day by day especially in the government places. However, some experts do not like the way, as individuals want to feel freedom. I deem that there are many advantages particular, this advents as well as overweight the drawbacks. The upcoming paragraphs will examine the pros and cons before any specific conclusion.
It is indeed true that, video surveillance cameras have been used increasingly in public places in the majority of the cities in order to decrease the number of crimes. While some groups claim that, the usage of video cameras in public places is opposite of people’s freedom, I personally believe that, they would have considerable advantages rather than disadvantages.
The increased number of surveillance cameras in metropolises has become a hot topic on the internet. Many believe that these cameras are a threat to people’s privacy while others argue that it is thanks to these “sky eyes” that crime rate is on a constant decline. While freedom is crucial for everyone, I believe in public areas, these extreme measures bring about more benefits than drawbacks.
Today, most of the countries have CCTV installed in all the public buildings for the security purposes, but many people think that this takes away our personal privacy. Certainly, the installation of cameras has decreased the crime rates and also, helped to solve and catch many criminals, and hence merits of security are far more than its drawbacks.
In the modern tech - world, video surveillance has become commonplace in many cities. While many people argue that using video cameras in public areas is an invasion of privacy, I do believe that the advantages of using this outweigh the disadvantages.
It is true that video surveillance has become increasingly commonplace in many parts of the world. While some people feel that as an invasion of privacy, I believe that we gain more than we lose from enhanced security that CCTV cameras bring to our lives.
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