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In today's era, health is more important then anything else. Some people prefer to do yoga and other activities while some like to get knowledge about all those through theoretically. In my opinion, sports and physical e
Physical activity plays a crucial role in the overall development of children and teenagers. The question of whether physical education and sport should be mandatory in institutions is a subject of ongoing debate. In thi
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Exercise is important throughout life for all age groups in order to maintain both physical health and mental wellbeing. We all agree that it is necessary for children’s and teenagers’ healthy development. I agree that
The majority of society confirms that is good for kids and adolescents to exercise. Thus, physical education and sport should be mandatory for all students in all schools. I personally agree with the fact exercising is v
In recent years,whether in all schools should be compulsory for all students who study physical education and sports or not has caused a controversy. although this trend is nost without disadvantages will be far over sha
It is generally agreed that physical activity for many people is better. Hence, physical education and sports must be mandatory for all pupils in all schools. In my opinion, it is crucial to have physical fitness lessons
Health is one of the most important aspects of our lives.It has been implemented in most institutions to provide children with physical activities to keep them fit.I strongly, believe in doing so we can produce healthi
Physical fitness has various benefits that come from athletic activities. Hence, it is crystal clear that such events should be mandatory in institutes. I affirm this statement and it is elaborate in this essay.
It is often acknowledged that physical workout is advantageous for juveniles and learners. That's why physical education and sports should be mandatory in all institutes. I completely agree with this statement because th
Physical activity has played an indispensable role to maintain good health in all ages of individuals including pupils and adolescents. it has believed that sports and physical education should always be in the school ca
Today, 30% of the children in developed countries are struggling with obesity.Therefore some believe that it is important to introduce a subject related to physical education and to push every student to be involved in s
Physical fitness is a major attribute in measuring one's health. Exercise is generally good for everyone, especially for children and adolescents, and the idea of making physical education mandatory at schools has been w
It is irrefutable that physical exercises prominently impact a persons' health to function properly.Therefore, I would love to opine that such sort of activities should be imperative for all students in every institution
It is true that by doing exercises everyone can stay healthy for a long time. Moreover, physical education and games are the necessity of human life, these days and institutes should be required to teach regarding the im
It is generally agreed that physical education and sports activities should be mandatory in the educational system. It ıs well-known that sport has a significant impact on the cardiovascular system in humans. I strongly
It is rightly said "Health is wealth and when it is lost everthing is lost". For better physical growth and development of chidren it should be compulsary for each and every students to participate in sports in all schoo
Nowadays, the importance of various physical activities for the younger generation has been altered to be a vital necessity for society's well-being. Yet, there remains a controversial debate as to whether the physical
The importance of including physical training and games in the school curriculum has been discussed throughout the world. It is undeniable that these activities are crucial for young children and teenagers to maintain th
It is widely known that exercises are essential for human’s heath and mood. And as a result, some people think that it necessary to include physical education as a part of learning process in all schools.
It is widely known the exercise is healthy for infants and young adults, which means Physical education and exercise should be mandatory in all schools for all students. I think it is a very good decision and will be of
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