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A tendency when people prefer to dedicate time to be at work as much as possible is still very strong. Although this choice is beneficial for career prospects as many people think, it is crucial to have enough time for hobby or being with family to preserve high efficiency in a long term.
To enjoy spare time is very significant in people's lives. A great deal of individuals hardly spends time for their interval deeds because of lengthy work schedules. I believe that it has considerable drawbacks in individuals' life despite having some conveniences.
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Nowadays, working consumes more hours than our daily lives which results in a few hours. Thus, people spend that time on their favourite activities in which they may believe that is the way of relaxing and discovery of new things. Indeed, it is supposed to be regarded as a vital part of their daily life. Therefore, long-working period is likely to be harmful for their relaxation and their growth of inventiveness.
Never before in human history, have there been so many people working long hours as of right now. Consequently, they have scarce leisure moments that lead to physical and social issues around them. As to meet increasingly rising expenses, people sacrifice valuable things that cannot be avoided in their Lifetime. This essay will shed light on the benefits and drawbacks of this notion with credible examples.
Undoubtedly, majority of the workers spend solely few hours for leisure time due to overtime at work. In my opinion, the drawbacks of this trend outweigh its benefits. This essay will first elucidate how long working hours could result in mental stress and physical disorder, followed by a discussion of how this situation can increase the productivity of employees.
It is often undeniable that having personal activities is essential as much as hard working. While many people prefer spending most their time in only working, I believe that the drawbacks of this behaviour outweigh its benefits and cause many vital issues.
These days, the majority of the people are planning to put extra effort into earning money. As a result, a large number of people prefer to work for long times rather than spending some time on extra-curricular activities. This easy will discuss the positive and negative impacts of the situation.
It has become common to see employees working extra hours to increase their wage. In order to do that, they sacrifice leisure time. I believe this situation is extremely negative to both workers and companies. This essay will present what are the drawbacks of working more and having fewer leisure moments.
In today's era of globalisation,everyone has a hectic schedule to earn more and more money in order to live a luxurious lifestyle.So,they are left with very little time to spend with their family members.That is the reason, why most masses prefer to work from dawn to dusk and they have no time left to enjoy their free time activities.In my opinion,drawbacks have the upper hand over benefits.
In this modern world, the professional and personal life of people has changed a lot. Many companies have started working round the clock. Working for a long hour and keeping aways from fun activities can have adverse effects on one's health and can also lead to issues within the family. This essay will elaborate on how such a situation could have more disadvantages than advantages.
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In the modern world, many people devote maximum time to work which leaves them with very limited free time. In my opinion, the disadvantages of this situation outweigh the advantages.
The working hours differ from person to person, which is dependent on their profession. Some occupation needs more working hours for better output, but others need only some quality hours for a good result. To sum ,up people can spend time on extra activities. I will discuss both the advantages and disadvantages in the following paragraphs.
Employees tend to work overtime at their workplace because of which they fail to allocate desired time to their extracurricular activities. Although, working long hours have more drawbacks such as poor physical fitness and increased stress, as compared to advantages. This essay will discuss why having a balance between work and life is beneficial for long-term health.
Many employees tend to work extended hours because of which they do not have sufficient time for leisure activities. However, in my opinion, neglecting outdoor fun has more drawbacks, such as depression and weak physical fitness, as compared to benefits.
Many people work long hours leaving very little time for leisure activities, this situation have more advantages or more disadvantages.
A large group of people tend to allocate most of their time to work and as little as possible to recreation. In my opinion, it is disadvantageous and contradicts the natural demands of the human body.
We are living in a very materialistic and competitive society, where many people work countless hours per day to acquire wealth or be succeed in their working environment. However, this overload working schedule deprive them from prescious leisure time. I totally believe that this way of life provides some benefits but it also has certain drawbacks which should be taken into consideration.
It's undoubtedly that more and more people focus on putting extra efforts into earning money has attracted numerous controversies and drawn much attention from the public. From my point of view, I believe that working long hours has many disadvantages. In this essay, I will discuss the positive and negative impacts of the aspects.
In today’s rapidly changing environment, many people fail to identify and differentiate between work and personal life. While many believe that there are certain advantages of devoting more time to work, others argue that enjoying personal life has more advantages. This essay will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of choosing work over personal life.
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A saying goes , thus; "All work and bo play makes jack a dull boy". However, nowadays, people work long hours without having time for play activities. In my opinion, this act should not be encouraged as the disadvantage such as health problem far outweighs the advantage.
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