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Many developed countries around the world have begun a space race and are preparing a space program for exploring space. However, some people think that this activity will cost money and will be better if funds for space
Researching other worlds has generated interests in Scientists. People say exploring space is not making use of government funds and such resources should serve purposes that are advantageous to the State. I completely a
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Space exploration offers us the chance to learn a great deal of new things. However, as it costs lots of money, we need to decide the best way to spend our resources. I would argue that there are more pressing problems t
Space exploration has a growing interest, as money is spent on space travelling, it opens up new areas to discover. However, some people consider that instead of spending money on space travel, governments should distrib
Nowadays, developed regions are spending a large amount of capital on space projects. Some people think that it is a complete waste of time as it requires huge funds. Therefore, they should utilize that money to raise t
Nowadays, an argument is rising about the unnecessity of spending enormous amounts of money on space discovery, and authorities should solve more "earthly" issues with these expenditures. I totally agree with this opinio
In the current world, a considerable amount of different countries' annual budgets allocate to carry out some new research about space and other planets and stars. There are some who opine that spending money for conduct
Modern-day time has introduced a dire need of exploring space in order to examine the planets for their possible habitat conditions, energy resources, or potential upcoming threats by outer space objects. However, the im
In the contemporary epoch, there is an ongoing debate among folk related to whether governments should throw money at exploring space. It is believed that there are far better ways to spend finances that are allocated to
Nowadays, some countries allocate a considerable amount of budget for research in the universe. There are polarized views regarding this matter some argue that it is important to use this money for other areas which are
The space always fascinates people and people are trying to explore as much as possible. In order to discover new features of space, countries often spend too much money. But, there are some people who say that governme
In the past few decades, there has been an increase in the number of people questioning whether funding space exploration is a futile idea, this is because those who fiercely oppose this view, myself included, believe th
The money that uses to discover the earth is a waste of money. Governments can spend their wealth on things that can help their country. In this essay, I will discuss both views and provide my perspective on this issue.
Space exploration sometime offers us to deal with natural issues and something new. However, it can be cost us a huge amount of money and it is unnecessary when there are many things that crucial in our society. I person
Space exploration offers us the chance to learn a lot of new things. However, as it costs an exorbitant amount, we need to decide the best way to allocate our resources. I would argue that there are more pressing complic
Many countries are using their national wealth to explore space like the moon which is not worth enough, on the contrary, they can use this money on other development projects for the well-being of the nation. I complete
The universe is so big, that we would probably never find everything about her, but in spite of ,that she is a topic that never loses interest. Space research is one of the biggest goals in our century and both private a
The investment done in exploring space has its real costs. Some argue that the money spent on universe discoveries should be prioritized over other socially beneficial aspects that are concerning society today. Personall
Space exploration has become significantly important within the last century. Although some people argue that it might be more beneficial to use this money for more necessary purposes. I completely agree with the given o
Nowadays, a lot of companies spend their money on space exploration as well as inventing new machines to explore the space, I strongly agree with the idea of spending money on things that help our nation to benefit from
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