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These days, divas are popular for their luxuries life style more than their accomplishments which makes teenagers aspire to follow a wrong path. While I admit that some of the bigshots are famed for their charm and richness, however I disagree with the above argument, that all such personalities are a bad influence for the youngsters, as there are some artists who are renowned for their hard work and talent. This essay will discuss
In the recent years, people have started becoming famous for their luxurious lifestyle rather than their accomplishments and many are of the opinion that, this is having a negative impact on the mindset of youngsters. And I completely agree with this notion, since it had lead to the creation of a wrong mentality among people.
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The topic of influence from famous people has become increasingly popular nowadays.A lot of adults all over the world are afraid of the example celebrities provides to the young generation.I partially agree with this statement.In this essay ,we discuss this question more deeply.
In today’s glamour world, every person wants to succeed in their field by hook or crook but it is believed that salary and charm is the most vital factor to become a famous personality in any business, sometimes which creates bad instances for youth. I agree that besides bill, other factors are also countable such as hard-work, respectful nature and many more for achievements.
These days, celebrities are renowned for their stylish look and money instead of their achievements, and this has a wrong impression on young peoples’ mind. This essay agrees with the statement because famous people do very hard work to gain popularity, and young people have an immature mind to understand the world.
These days,everyone desires to become a famous person whether it is in an optimistic or pessimistic way because they are influenced by renowned personalities,but nowadays,many individuals become famous without having any knowledge.however,beautyness and financial background are also used to become a result,it will be badly affected on youngster's life,so I accord this statement.
It is true that some celebrities are known for their glamourous and luxurious lifestyles rather than the work they do. While I agree that this can negatively impact gullible young individuals, I strongly believe that there are other famous people that can act as positive role models.
People of all age groups easily get fantasized by seeing the lucrative lifestyle of celebrities. There is no ambiguity that glamorous, rich celebrities are bad examples for young generation, who worship them as idols.
It is an unfortunate reality of today's world that majority adore and praise media personalities, not for their accomplishments, but merely for their charm and riches. I agree that this view certainly has an adverse impact on gullible youth, in particular, who believes such worldly possessions as the ace of human achievement. However, there are exceptions to it. This essay sheds some light on how young minds perceive success, idealizing celebrities while many amongst them lack the qualities to look up to.
In the today’s world, Celebrities are consider popular for their financial status and maintainence of beauty more than their deservances and this trend is impacting the younger generation a lot. I totally agree with this statement and in the below essay, I would be providing my stance in detail.
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These days most of the popular people are known for their richness and attractiveness rather their hard work and efforts which can send negative effect to the society. I completely admit to the fact that, now a days, young people are being intrigued by the attractiveness and lavish life of popular people in society which is leading to build a wrong perception and attitude towards the real definition of success in life.
Celebrities are often recognised for their stardom and affluence afore than their accomplishments and this results in setting a detrimental example on the youngsters. I completely agree to this view due to many reasons which will be discussed furthermore in this essay.
In this modern era, high profile people are becoming popular with the masses just because of their alluring and charismatic personality. The crowd starts following their idols blindly which in turn plays havoc with their own persona and sets a wrong precedence for the coming generation.. This essay will discuss about the unnecessary hype of money and upper class status without knowing the harmful effects on society and I strongly support this opinion.
To begin with ,young people should look at the positive aspects of the Renowned personalites .To elaborate,people should idolize their hardwork passion and dedication in their feild for realization of their achivement .Adding to this lack to indentify, the struggle and achivements of these well known people ,youngsters become negatively influenced which can demotivate them regarding the futuristic approaches .For example ,sportsperson is skillful,persitent, physically fit and emotionally stable,still ,youth recognises sportsmen just for thier advertsiments and brand promotions on various social platforms .
During the twenty first century, famous personalities are getting name and fame in people heart which was not the case earlier. Nowadays young generation follow personalities whose charm and asset attract them rather than the celebrity known for and setting a wrong example for the future generation. I do not agree with this statement and share the reasons in the following paragraphs.
In today's era, high profile people are gaining more popularity on the basis of their charming personality and unnecessary money, power rather than their performance which is giving a wrong impression on our present society. This essay will discuss how badly our generation is impacted by these media personalities in respect to their wealth and I strongly agreed with this opinion.
I believe due to Glitterati lifestyle, celebrities are being captured everywhere by freelance photographer, and those images circulate on different social media platforms; therefore, they become sensational without any attention to their achievements. Besides, they are being mostly followed by youngsters and teens for their high profile lifestyles that might influence them in a wrong way. The below paragraphs will justify my opinion.
Celebrities are often judged for their lavish lifestyle and acts they do. People claim that broadcasting superstars glamorous and wealthy way of life on social media may have an adverse impact on youth. This essay will argue that why not all superstars must be judged on the same parameters.
I completely disagree with the notion that achievements play "no" or less role in the success of celebrities and people are influenced by their glamourous and wealthy lifestyles. In the first para,I will be discussing the importance of achievements in their success and in the latter one I will be presenting my arguments about the influence on people of the glamourous world.
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Youngsters are infulenced by celebrities charm & luxury in the place of accomplishments . I partially agree, with statement younsters might be infulenced with glamour and wealth but younger generation need to concerate on the performance and hardwork they have put to achieve it . I will be higlighting my points to prove the above said statement.
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