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These days, children are put under too much pressure from their parents in order to achieve success. There are quite a few reasons which explain why parents do that, but certainly growing up with enormous pressure is not a positive development for any child.
In modern society, to be successful, children have been excessively pressurized by their parents.  There are some reasons for this act, and it could have some impacts on one’s family life as well as society.
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In this competitive world, guardians are putting stress on their kids to achieve goals these days. Various factors contribute such behaviour including expectations from parents to achieve targets by pupils. Many adverse effects have been observed with this input which will be discussed in the following paragraphs.
As we all know creating pressure on children is becoming common these days.Some sort of pressure is normal, but putting too much pressure on children can affect the physical and mental health of the children.This essay analyse the reasons behind putting the pressure and the negative impact it can have on the child overall health.
Pressurising the kids by their parents is quite common now-a-days in order to gain success. Although, there are detrimental negative effects by doing like this on their beloved children's. However, this kind of behaviour ultimately leads to negative development, this essay will discuss the significant reasons to do like that by their family members.
It is true that children have overly enforced from the parents to achieve success in their life. There are several reasons for such approach of parents, which on the whole, I consider to be very negative.
Parents today stress on their children because not only they are to flourish in the coming days, but also they can enable themselves to explore the open world. It's an era of acquisition of knowledge & application of the same; otherwise one has to retreat everyday and the guardian of the family has to cope up with the necessity. Furthermore, everywhere there is standard to evaluate progression of the kids and the trials have to remain continued & persistent to bring back prestigious accomplishments by children.
These days so much weights are placed on kids to become successful by their Parents and this can sometimes have both bad or perhaps, good outcomes. Either way it goes, the end shows in the means.
Indeed, children these days are being pressurized by their parents to be victorious. Is this beneficial? While there are various reasons for them to persuade, this has, in fact, emerged into cynical development.
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In the current scenario, the amount of stress put by the parents on their children to succeed has been increasing, may it be getting better grades or grabbing a higher salary package. There are various reasons for this tendency, however, the major one according to me is to keep up with the Joneses. While, this is bringing about positive changes such as encouraging the students to achieve better and to view each other as competitors, I believe that, this competition is rather unhealthy and the drawbacks outweigh the benefits.
At the present time, children fell under the pressure in order to succeed on account of their parents. I believe that it has more negative side compared to the positive one.
In this developing era, people claimed that children should work hard to achieve more. While many parents try to encourage their children and give advices, there are those putting a lot of pressure on the juveniles to be successful without caring about their hobbies. This situation is caused by many reasons and also leads to a negative effect, which will be given in this essay.
These days, children are more and more facing lots of considerable pressures, which parents consider to lead their children to success. This has appeared among parents due to many reasons, and it can also bring negative results.
Today, children are under a lot of weight, and one of the most effective factors in this weight is the parents' excessive insistence on success in life. This attitude has been created among parents for many reasons, and the continuation of this process can have negative consequences.
Success has become the only factor of measurement in the society under which children are burdened, and due to the fact parents put undue stress on their children to achieve maximum in every field. In my opinion, it is more of a negative development rather than positive.
In the contemprory competitive world gurdians are forcing their kids to be successful. There are many causes which lead to putting the pressure by parents on the children couple of which we will discuss in this essay. In my opinion, it is a negative development as it will have bad impacts on the overall well being of the children.
The extensive use of electronic devices has had, and continues to have, an effect on our daily lives similar to that of the mechanical press back in Gutemberg’s time: the ability to store information somewhere other than our brains. This, though arguably positive, has a downside that some people have pointed out: we don’t get, or at least we’re not forced to, exercise our memory as much as our Facebook deprived ancestor’s did.
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Both texts discuss the way positive psychology affects people’s lives. The first one advocates that it has a beneficial effect on those who put it into practice. The second one, on the other hand, states that it might not be favourable for everyone.
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