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In business, each second of time is money to a company. To specific, there is a rapid competition between entrepreneurships and every employee has strived for the business term goals. Therefore, some employers hope to contact their staff immediately even they are in off work. In this essay, I will discuss the pros and cons of this preference.
In this competitive world employer wants to contact their staffs at any moment for smooth operation of the business. However, this could be a positive approach in one prospective whereas meanwhile there are some drawbacks, which I will discuss in this essay.
Nowadays, more and more employees tend to be engaged in a working process even during their off-work time, days off and vacations. This trend has already let to the increase of productivity of the companies, although the staff considers that this innovation ruins their personal life.
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Directors sometimes prefer to meet and converse with their employees whenever it is, including on holidays. It is a common belief that interacting with employees as much as possible is extremely helpful for their project. However, it is definitely more disadvantageous if the free time to relax is not provided.
Some job managers want to be able to get in touch with their workers at all times, even on their day off. In my opinion this has various drawbacks, hence it is nagative.This essay will talk abt why calling employers calling during rest days is bad and support with examples.
Some employers expect their resources to be available all days irrespective of holidays and other occasions. In my opinion, this is beneficial in some ways but has more detrimental effects on both companies as well as individuals.
The days with 9AM to 5PM jobs are almost gone, many corporations expect their employees to be available at every minute of the day, even on the weekends and the holidays. This trend is not the best way forward, it has more disadvantages then benefits.
An employment practices have been changed radically since last 25 to 30 years. Most of the employers want to be looped with their employees all the time in order to get rid of any uncertain situation. These working practices have its own positive aspects; however it has some significant negative points too.
In today's competitive world, employers want to be able to contact their employees at all time to maintain and support business operations. In this essay,i am going to discuss the advantages and disadvantges of such practices.
It is generally observed that some employers desire to contact their workers at all times, even during holidays, however, I am inclined to firmly argue that disadvantages of this development outweigh advantages. This essay will provide the supporting arguments regarding the disadvantages of contacting employees during hoildays.
Nowadays, the majority of employers across the globe contact their staff at any time to get a particular work done. In this essay, I intend to delve into the disadvantages of this approach towards work.
With the advent of technology, communication between the employers and employees has changed. Some company owners want to be in constant touch with their fellow staff members all the times even on holidays. In my opinion, I think that this development can bring about more problems compared to any advantages it might bring.
With the technological advancement, the majority of employers prefer contacting their team members post working hours as well as during vacation. This specific development brings various demerits than merits for employees such as disturbed family life and ascended stress level, whereas in return, workers can expect a high rise in salary as a benefit. In this essay both points are discussed with relevant examples duly followed by a conclusion in the end.
It is being argued that most of the companies keep contacting their employees after the core business hours, and even on holidays as well, which in turn result was devastating of their personal space and their respective member's time. Though, it's only acceptable for some emergency cases, however its not recommended by the governments as well due to various reasons.
In today's competitive world, some employers want their employees to remain in constant contact with them, even during leisure time. Although this trend may have some positives, it does bear a few negatives.
In today's competitive world, some employers want their employees to remain in constant contact with them, even during leisure time. While this trend may have some positives, it does bear a few negatives.
Some companies feel the need to communicate with their workforce 24*7 .This essay will argue that the drawbacks of this outweigh the advantages. This essay will first demonstrate how working extra can make staff overburdened, followed by an analysis of how the primary advantage, namely extra payment for overtime work, is not valid.
There is no doubt that different employers have different approaches when managing their employees. It has become questionable if contacting their staff when they are not on duty has more merits than demerits. In my opinion, I believe that this development is more disadvantageous, especially to employees and I will discuss this in the essay.
Today's modern world many employee for different areas is working together.Around the globe employee can meet with one another.Employee for various areas feel more comfortable if they will live together all time.My reasons for this view are personal and professional.
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