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In the latter days, some individuals prefer to stay in the same area during the whole life, meanwhile another group of people chooses diverse places for living. At my point of view, it is crucial not to get stuck in one
It is a fact that while many choose to move and live in different places in their lifetime, some prefer to spend their whole life in the same place. In this essay, I will discuss both of the views and provide my opinion
Nowadays, some people prefer spending their entire life in the same city , while others switch places yearly. I will discuss both living approaches and then I will give my opinion in the following paragraphs.
In modern society, it is quite common for individuals to grow up and live in the same area their entire lives. Whereas there are other people who decide to stay in multiple areas. I firmly believe that living in new plac
Nowadays, society tends to have a different perspective when it comes to living choices. There are people that choose to stay in one area to live for the rest of their life, but some prefer to move to different areas as
It has been argued by many individuals that a few sections of people love to spend their whole life in an area, whereas people have distinct views regarding the place where they prefer to live. In my opinion, I favour th
In today's world, moving to a different city or a completely different nation has become very feasible and affordable than what it used to be. For many people in society, it is a dream to explore the world while some wan
Some people say that people should saty a same area to get more happiness, however there are others who love to live in a lot of kind of places within their life. Hence, this essay aims to elaborate on disccus about the
Some people say that people can get more happiness to stay a same area. However, others prefer to move a lot of plave in their life span. Hence, This essay aims to elaborate on discuss both sides opinion, and I describe
While few people are joyful to live their complete life in identical area,others considered to live their life in various locations.I consider that we should spend time in all over by visting various places world.
Nowadays, people have the freedom to choose where they live. Some prefer to stay in their beloved house for the rest of their lives; however, others enjoy nomadic living. This essay will examine both views and elaborate
Some people prefer to live in the same area throughout their life whereas others wanted to spend their life in different places. In this essay, I will explore both views and in the end, I will represent my opinion.
Few individuals beleive spending his life in same area mostly prefer lived different places in their life. Firstly good realations with this places prisons.Secondly, they big goal acheive in their life.
In my opinion, regular school provides greater benefits compared to what is offered in homeschooling. Based on my own experience, regular school has taught me beyond the study materials given. It was the process of obtai
Spending your whole life in one city is often considered boring . Whereas some people argue staying in one particular city has many advantages.However few people have a different opinion as they think that living in diff
Lots of teenagers are likely to move out or go abroad when they grow up. Some people are appreciate to live in the exact area for lives while some prefer to live in various places in their life. In the following paragrap
Some people are very happy and spend all life in the same area but some people move and go to another place. I think it good for people to go to many places and check if they like it or not and then decide to live there
Some people very happy and spending all life in the same area but some people move and go another place. I think it good for people to go to many place and check if they like or not and then decide to living there with f
People hold different views about living, some people prefer to spend their entire life at one place, but others prefer to transfer to different places. In my opinion, I partially agree as I believe that an individual sh
Each place has its own beauty and it’s the personal choice of all the individuals to live in the same place or to migrate to different placesplace.Some individuals believe that they want to live in the same p
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