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Volunteer service rendition in communities has recently been debated. While certain groups for individual are of the view that school children should be involve in village voluntary services. However, I disagree with this considering the poor academic performance this will proffer and also because services to the community should be optional.
It is believed by a few individuals that secondary school programs should include volunteer services as a mandatory part. I profoundly agree with this notion because it inspires children to comprehend social responsibility; character development whereas it may affect adversely. The key points need to be discussed.
It is often a point of discussion that whether children should be alloted duties to charitable activities in their schooling. I strongly believe that charitable activities are the need the hour and in this essay I am going to discuss that how these activities develop life skills among children and make them realise the value of life.
Many people thought that charity service should be mandatory in higer education programs due to students can learn new things in life. I have completly agree with statement why unpaid work is part of high school programs.
There is a common belief that free volunteer work should be mandatory for high schoolers. Arguments both for and against as well as my opinion will be evaluated in this essay.
Recently, charity work has been greately debated. It is proposed by some that the charitable services should be an integral part of secondary education. I do agree with the recommended idea and i think they could be beneficial to shape a welfare society.
Some of are the opinion that high school students should have free community services as a mandatory program in their curriculum. In my opinion, community services play a very important part in the development of the children as individuals as well as a team. However, education should be the top priority and any activity hindering it should not be practised upon them.
There are several reasons why I disagree with the idea of forcing students to do voluntary works . Firstly, students’ school schedule are sometimes full, as a result, students would have no time left for community services. Secondly, concentrating in volunteer may have a bad impact on students’ performance in other subjects. And finally, some students might be reluctant to do community services as it serves no purpose for their study. In conclusion, there are various reasons why compulsory volunteer works are not suitable to be applied in high school.
Although, some human being's perspective towards the school authorities that they should teach descendants of the charity, teaching sports and many more. I agree with the statement to a large extent for some reasons. My position is argued further with the explanation.
Learning in school is one of the opportunities for students to learn new things, not only about academics but also non-academic courses for their skill development. Therefore, I completely agree that unpaid social service activity should be included in the compulsory part of the high school program as the student will be encouraged to help other people, especially the underprivileged community and this program can be beneficial for their future career.
While some people think that unsalaried work should be taken as an obligation for high school students, I completely agree with the fact that they are free to choose how they want to spend time out of classes.
Social experts and scientists are arguing whether should community services be a mandatory part of high school curriculums or not.I reckon that it would be extremely beneficial to society for the reasons I will mention below.
Nowadays, an increasing number of people opine that it is necessary to integrate unpaid community service into high school curriculum. This idea is practical to some extent, as will be discussed as follows.
In this day and age, young generation is the base of any nation as an effect they having an important role in society, so for their self building individuals said that some chairty work include in high school programmes. I strongly argued that government should take action related unpaid task in community for youngsters.
In this day and age, young generation is the base of any nation as an effect they have an important role in the civilization, so for their self building, individuals said that some charity task to be included in their high faculty programmes. I strongly argued that the government should take action related to unpaid job in community for youngsters.
It is sometimes argued that high school students should be made to do some work in their local communities. While I disagree with the idea of making such programmes compulsory, I do believe that voluntary community service could benefit young people.
It is suggested that volunteering in public service is one of the students’ obligations in high school. I totally agree with this opinion for better ethical thinking and soft skills.
Nowadays, young generation, who has played an integral role in the civilisation is considered as the basis of any community. Therefore, some measures should be taken to develop theirselves. It is argued that one of the obligatory part of the high school programmes should be appertained to the non-paying public service for the young individuals. From my perspective, I utterly agree with this overview that unpaid career can bring benefits to the pupils such as better CV and social development.
Nowadays extracurricular activities have been added to the schools programs. It is argued that one of the mandatory section of the highest school programs should be related to the community service without wages. From my perspective, although unpaid public service has brought some benefits to students such as the better CV and social skills, the drawbacks of this scheme should be considered.
It is a common belief that volunteering community service should be a part of high school obligatory contents. I firmly agree in terms of some reasons which are elaborated in these below paragraphes.
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