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Some people generally believe that advertisements are conducive to providing information of a new arrival to the public; while others consider advertising to be a medium that motivates us to buy something we actually do not need. For me, I agree with the latter that I am going to explain my viewpoints in the following paragraphs.
Some people generally believe that advertisements are conducive to providing information of a new arrival to the public; while others consider advertising to be a medium that motivates us to buy something we actually do not need. For me, I agree with the latter that I am going to explain my viewpoints in the following paragraphs.
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Advertisement these days are a means of promotion of objects and is a necessity. While some people believe that such displays give us valuable information about new products others think it makes us wish for things we don't really need. I believe advertisements have made our life a lot easier and I will give some examples from my personal experience.
It is often said that the advertisements encourage its community to purchases unnecessary goods as well as others said, these advertisements create awareness about a new product that already available in the market which can be used to improve its user's lifestyle. This essay will discuss how advertisement motivates its viewers to buy any item and how these advertisements can be useful to know new products available in the markets.
An impact of advertisements on our purchase decisions is a topic of public discussion. While some part of society claims that they persuading us to obtain unnecessary items, others think that they introduce products which might enhance our lives. This essay agrees that advertising persuades us to buy irrelevant products as that is their purpose and it influences people to purchase more than they should.
In today's modern era, digital media play a vital role in inducing the customers to buy a product with the help of advertisement.On the other hand it also creates awareness about the changing trend. So, I partially agreed with both the statements and so does the essay will discuss the highlights of both the points that how it encourages an individual to buy thing not in need as well if it helps to improve our lifestyle.
Advertisement business is very common these days and it proved in recent days in online trading. Few individuals say that displaying products encourages humans to buy things even though it is not needed. On the other side, some expertise says that presenting advertisements will give more idea about new products and releases, so it is helpful whoever waiting to buy. I agree with this argument and provide specific reasons and examples to support.
In today's world, advertisement has become a significant tool for marketing a product. While some believe that advertisement increases awareness about products that may improve our lives, others argue that advertisement induces people to buy things they do not really need. I strongly believe that the latter is more correct, as it will be explained in this essay.
It is believed by some people that due to multifarious adverts coming up daily, we end up buying things which are not required while other section of the society thinks that it helps us in making our life better by providing awareness about latest consumer products which are available in the market. I agree with the latter because of the advertisements, we come to know about new technologies and medicines which help in the survival of mankind.
Commercials and advertisements play an imperative role in attracting customers towards brands and increasing their sales. A few individual think that it actually pushes people towards intensive shopping, however, some other believe that it provides a plethora of info about the item which helps people to know more about the item and compare its quality and cost with others. Hence, this essay will outline how promoting advertisement is a boon for both the companies and the public in terms of sales and information about new technology respectively.
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I feel that advertising is important in our daily lives because it provides us with information regarding the latest services , technology and medical advancement which we might have never came across before and nobody would want to remain in the dark for this very reason. For example an broadcast on a latest gadget with multiple functions such as the smart phone will not only help us get better quality pictures with its sophisticated graphics and camera but the applications inside such as zoom, whatssapp, botim etc helps us to connect to others across the globe for free via text messages, audio and video calls which we were not able to do in the past. They come with games which stimulate our mind during times of boredom and dating and social applications such as Badoo and tinder which helps us to connect with community nearby in the journey towards finding a friend or a potential mate.
Nowadays someone believed that they are buy some unnecessary thing by effect of the advertisement but some other one said advertisement help them to find new products can improve their life, I totally agree with the second view, which has support me to find new product may have change my lifestyle during the time.
Advertising makes people impulse buy products that are unnecessary. At times people are attracted by the person who is or was used in the advert. Many companies opt to use famous or influential people for their advertisements.
I think that everyone can divide all advertising products and services into useless ones and useful ones. It is like looking through an information desk when you pay attention to those messages that interest you. Take me for example, I do not like jewelry. It does not mean I do not have it at all, I have a couple of inexpensive rings as gifts from my parents. I just think, people pay too much attention to that stuff. I believe it is the result of mass advertising. Every day when i am watching TV, listening to the radio or reading the paper i notice many ads about getting an expensive ring, chain, necklace or earrings. From my point of ,view these kinds of advertising contaminate people's minds. In this ,case you are encouraged to buy things you do not really need. They make you believe you need such products in order to succeed or be happy.
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