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Music is an art that is ever present in our society. It is agreed that it unites people from various culture and age groups. Analysing the bonding effects of music on different ages, as well as its effect on uniting people from different cultures will show this.
Music as an art is integral part of scoiety in different countires across the world. Many people think that music unites people of different ethinicity, civilization toghether. I strongly agree to this arguement and I will explain why along with examples in this essay.
It is indeed that the music has a predominant influence on the community. Hence, many intellectuals perceive that the music could be a key platform to indulge all the people from the diverse traditions and age groups. I strongly agree with the above notion; where the music is essential for the spiritual and social development of all sections of the society.
Music has a magical vibrate to everyone, there are no age limit and not reflect only one place, the culture I agree with that. One famous lirist say music is a medicine that collaborating with others. I am discussing about those things in this essay.
There is an argument about despite, all of the positive emotional benefits of music there is a social advantage either. It means that it's a beneficial way to make people of all the cultures and nations with different generations closer. I strongly agree with this statement because of the reasons which might be explained in the forthcoming paragraphs.
Entire the human history, music have a significant role in their life such as in the religious ceremony or even for pray. So some people believe that music can come people together with different cultures and ages. I partially agree with them because there is some songs or even instruments that belong to a special group of folk and it is not interesting for others.
It is often argued that music plays a significant role to cut the long distance between various types of civilizations and generations. Although there are different ways to overcome the diversity between cultures, I think music and more broadly, the arts, have the power and ability to stir the senses, bring people together, trigger the emotions and transcend the boundaries of hearts and minds.
Many people claim that music plays an essential role of uniting people regardless of their differences in terms of cultures and ages. Personally, I completely agree with this view.
There is always hot debate of music influencing different people of several ages and it’s cultures. I firmly believe that music has power to bring the people closer as well as distant. I will be discussing the potentials of music in harmony and love in next paragraphs.
Whether or not music unites people from different cultural backgrounds and generations is a moot point. In my view, it does not, on the whole.
nowadays, a growing number of communication services connect individuals throughout the world together. Music is a way that connect people of various cultures and ages. Individuals have different views whether music is a great way to collect people or not. My firm conviction is that music contribute to this issue, and is a good way. In this essay, I am ging to explore the pros and cons of this matter and draw some conclusion.
No one can deny that music plays an essential role in individuals' lives. For that reason, many people claim that people from various backgrounds and ages as well, come together when they listen to music. However, I wholeheartedly believe that music unites all parts of the world owing to their wide use.
It is argued that, music is consider a positive method to connect people of different cultures and ages. This essay agrees with this statement, and it will first discuss the effects of the music between one culture to another and then talk about how it generates a good bond between people.
No one can deny the effects that music has on people. It is the language of soul and it helps people to relax and forget about their problems. No matter the age or the background, music bring us all together. I totally agree with this point.
In the era of fast pace life, some people think music is the best way to unite people from various cultures an ages. I agree with a notion and shall discuss the importance of music in a further paragraph.
Even though music is seen as an art of universal appeal, I do not agree that it is a way of bringing people of different backgrounds together.
Some people are of the opinion that music is a good way of uniting persons of separate cultural identity and ages while others think differently. I think that music brings people together because, it is a universal language which everyone understands when played.
Music is one of popular entertainment in modern times. In addition, proponents of music lovers often argue that music is a catalyst in bonding different cultures and ages people together. From my perspective, I similarly believe in this statement.
Music has been one of the fundamental entertainment since ages. A group of people believes that music can help unite people of various ages and cultures because of its influence among different age groups. In my opinion, I strongly believe that music is the only way to overcome barriers between people and will like to discuss my views.
Some people think one of the excellent ways to bring people together from different backgrounds and ages is the music, with which I completely agree as music is one of those few things that are admired by almost every person in the world, and there is no national or international barrier for it.
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