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It is believed that some traditional parenting styles and methods, such as enforcing rules and requiring children’s compliance, are essential to children’s development. However, I share the view that parenting style should be flexible based on the age of children.
the period of childhood is the most critical stage in the lives of children. Some people think that children must be monitored and under surveillances during their childhood. Others have no such strict rules upon children. However, for many reasons which will be mentioned below, I strongly believe that children must be controlled by their families.
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Whether or not parents should take the responsibility to raise their children from the early years of life has become a controversial issue.While some individuals are of the opinion that it is essential to get command over their behaviour from the formative age, others consider that freedom should be provided to them.This essay will discuss both sides of the argument in depth.I, however, believe that a balanced approach should be adopted.
It is a common belief amongst a few individuals that kids attitude can be best molded at a youthfull age, while others are of an openion that kids are better of with more liberty.I believe both control and freedom should be balanced together when it comes to rasiseing children.n the upcomming essay i will shed more light on both views.
Children, at a very early age, are susceptible to the world around them. They cannot differentiate good and bad. Thus, many a parents want to pull the harness on their children from really a tender age. By contrast, others opine that children need liberty to be a complete nevertheless, I am of the honest opinion that the combination of government and independence is a better approach than emphasizing any one of the two.
The approach of upbringing children is largely-dependent on their parents' mentality. While some people are arguing with giving too much freedom to their childs, i tend to agree with others who are against of overcontrolling of young people.
Controlling the behaviour of children should be a concern for every parent's responsibility, while others said that they could behave by their own way. However, both very topical debates will be discussed deeply before a rational conclusion.
Nowadays, many people think that the behaviour of the children should be controlled by their parents since their childhood while others believe they should be given more freedom. In my opinion, parents are responsible for their children and they have to learn them how to behave yourself in the society. At the same time, they must give some freedom.
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Many people believe that fathers should supervise their kid's attitude since their birthday. While others support freedom way. I am unconvinced that nature's control may aginst freedom, this essay will examine both visions clearly.
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