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In recent years, competitive spirit among children has become a topic of debate. While some people believe youngsters should be encouraged to be more competitive, others think that co-operation and teamwork are more essential when the children grow up. This essay is aimed to explain both sides and to state my opinion about the argument.
Competition and cooperation are so crucial among children. When we force them to do something we should learn them both being collaborators and a rival. According to adults imposing one of them on our heirs is obliged, while some people advocate that teaching competition to kids is more important, while others are of the opinion that cooperation should be encouraging. I reckon that both are an indispensable part of their lives, yet cooperation should outweigh.
The upbringing of children must be done in the right way as they are more likely to adopt that habit and carry it forward in their lives. Children must be taught to have a sense of competition as well as to co-operate with others. The understanding of both the senses must be built clearly amongst children in order to help them utilize the sense better when needed. Don’t you think people should consider both of them, simultaneously?
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