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It is argued that, some individuals believe in selecting high paying jobs, while others believe in selecting job with well-being workplace. Whilst a discussion of both these views is worthwhile, I am a supporter of the latter notion, because in my opinion, welfare working environment is a more crucial factor while taking opportunity.
The workplace makes a significant effect on employee's productivity while choosing a workplace a healthy atmosphere should be taken under care as compare to high paying rate. Some individuals argue totally different that salary is an integral part when selecting a company. In my opinion, I agree that a robust environment of a workplace is crucially ideal not only but it makes a huge impact on employee's nature, which compel a person to be more productive this essay will further discuss both facets with an appropriate example of a study from the Oxford University.
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many ideas will come into your mind, when you are applying for a job in a company. the main ones are choosing a salary package and working under good team leaders having a good approach towards new employees.
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