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People seem to have contradictory views regarding whether preserving the environment is limited to responsibility of the administration.
I believe that the former point of vie is more convincing and applicable in most contexts. Some people advocate that reduce pollution is obligation of the state. The first benefit is that it is a commendable behavior tha
The population believe that keeping the environment clean is the citizens' responsibility meanwhile the other group assume it is the government's duty to preserve nature in a healthy state. I think both of these groups h
Global warming is one of the major issues that are being faced by living beings on Earth. However, some people say that all members of the country should contribute to solving this problem, while, others believe that it
Nowadays, the debate over whetever people must be concerned about environment or government should undertake the responsibility for taking care of surroundings has become the center of question. This essay will shed ligh
In the modern era, it is believed by some individuals that the people should take care of the natural environment while some others say that it is the governments' resposibility. I endorse none of them and believe both o
Some argue that the government should provide services to its community without receiving money, while others consider such actions an unnecessary responsibility for the government. In this essay, the idea of the first
Some people think the government should provide free hosting, while others believe it is not the government's responsibility. Discuss both views and give your opinions.
The environment is a crucial source of maintaining the ecosystem on the earth which human beings need. If it is clean and healthy, our life keeps going well. Some people argue that the government should be responsible fo
Nowadays, the overweight issue is one of the most famous illnesses that is a dime a dozen in society. Some proponents deliberately convey that the government must bite the bullet and undoubtedly manage the increase in ob
Some people assert that it is a priority of individuals to pay for education and healthcare as it can be a burden for the government to ensure.However,others,including me,believe that the city administrations should allo
As people ,nowadays, have to pay taxes to the governments of their countries, they expect that taking care of themselves is a part of the government's commission, however, others find that the duty of taking care of thei
Who should bear the primary responsibility for public health has long been a subject of debate. While some argue that the government has to safeguard public health, others contend that individuals should take personal re
Undoubtedly, the question of whether the government should bear the responsibility for funding healthcare and education or whether individuals should take on this responsibility themselves is a fundamental debate in soci
Many citizens think that government should ensure their health. However, others said that individuals authority to maintain their healthy. I agree that people should keep their body healthy personally. This essay will di
It is believed by a group of crowds that keeping the climate clean and tidy is the residents' burden, in parallel, a great deal of the folks reckon that the responsibility ought to be arranged by the state. From my prosp
It is believed by a group of crowds that to keep the environment clean and tidy is the residents' burdens, in parallel, a great deal of the folks reckon that the responsibility ought to be arranged by the government. Fro
People have different views about whether the authorities should take further actions to persuade their individuals to have healthier diets or whether people should be in charge of their own diet and health. While some b
While a group of people believe that protecting society against crime is one of the government's duties, others consider a responsibility to individuals. There are rational arguments on both sides of this contentious top
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