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In 20th century, Television is one of the major entertainments for most of the people in the world. This essay agrees that many people prefer only to watch television in their free time, which makes them lazy and prevent them from socializing with others.
It is is often argued by some people, that spending leisure time watching television is not only causing for individuals to drift apart, but also making them use energy much less. Whilst, others disagree and believe that television is beneficial for both educational and fun-time purposes. I tend to agree with the first statement, however I also think that benefits can occur from television if the act is used properly.
Nowadays, it is seen that most of the people spend their leisure time in watching television, which makes them lazy and an anti-social person. I would agree with this statement as it is quite often observed in the people.
Watching television is an activity that takes away the maximum leisure time of people.It not only stops people from seeing each other but also makes them sit at a place for a long period of time.
In today's modern techniqually developed world, most of the people spending time infront of television's. It is thought by some people that television helps each individual in improving knowledge while other's think that it is killing free time of too may people, making them lazy and preventing them from socializing with others. I totally agree that televisions, tablets & other electronic entertinement devises wasting individuals time, making them lazy and not allowing them to meet nighbours, friends, relatives and others.
In this globalization era human life is occupied with many things,but most of the time they engage with television due to entertainment and games hence automatically it's led to not touch with other people . I have completely agreed with the statement that now a days people are busy with digitial network.
There are different entertainment ways from which people can spend their free time, among them, television is one of them. Some believe that people watching this for passing their free time and sometimes it dominates too. While, others argue that it separates them from their families and society and also make them dull. In my point of view, I agree with the propose statement.
Social media and various channels on the dish are very common in these days and because of that it is consuming the period of rest and family sitting duration of a person. I accept that, the Colorful high definition graphics attracted human toward episodes, which affect the physical fitness and participating to let them live with these gadgets instead of performing in the physical activities.
Television has been the biggest entertainment for the global population, that waste a lot of time of their lives, instead of using this time for something more productive or improving their social lives. Personally, I partially agree with this notion due to the following reasons.
Technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the few decades. The most important invention of the technology is television. Many people spend most of their time in watching television which makes them lazy and it does not let them socialize with others. This essay will disclose the reasons that why I agree with the above statement and thus will lead to a logical conclusion.
It is believed that for a significant of the population, television is the main source of entertainment during the spare time, and as a consequence of this habit, individuals become less active as well as it reduces social interaction. Personally, I completely agree with this position due to the following reasons.
People spend a lot of time on watching television these days. This habit, not only ruin their free-time but also keep them away from the outer environment. In my opinion, I completely agree with the given statement because utilising your time efficiently is always a better option rather than wasting it over addictive habits.
One of the most conspicuous trends in today's world is television. Some people believe that television is stopping people from socializing with fellow neighbours. On the other hand, others argue that television can connect people with the virtual world through interactive programs. As such, there are both merits and demerits for this trend. In my view, I strongly agree that watching television is killing our leisure time and it leads to laziness.
Most of people are highly engaged in watching television and they are spending ample of time on it, rather than interacting with family and friends and somehow TV makes them lazy as well. I totally agree with the statement, furthermore we will discuss it in this essay.
There can be no doubt that technology like television made people lethargic and less socialize and everyone sitting in front of it for longer hours. I agree with the notion that nowadays humans are giving less priority to social activities and more for entertainment. In the following essay, I intend to describe the reasons for this phenomenon.
In recent times, the effect of how individuals use their free time is being debated often. Some people are of the opinion that watching the TV in one's free time makes them lazy and decrease their interaction with others. I personally believe that your spare period should be used doing what you are most comfortable with. In my essay, I am going to present why I have a different view on this issue.
Nowadays, The technology is coming first compare with relations. The use of Television, Internet, Gadgets is too high compared to previous decades. Television dominates too many people in their free time. Also, people makes lazy and apart from that they did not even talking with others. I totally agree with this statement.
Majority of the people tend to watch TV programmes in their leisure time and this is believed to promote unwillingness to work and poor social life. In my opinion, excessive show of interest in television shows would promote laxity and rip people off the benefits that comes with interacting with others
Television is a profound information and communication platform. However, addictive watching of programs on TV can make people lethargic and consume important part of their time. This essay will confer that excessive watching of TV forces viewers to spend less time on important tasks and also makes them obese.
People spend most of their leisure time watching television. Individuals become less active because of this, and it does not allow them to interact with other humans. I completely agree with the statement. The essay below will elaborate more on the reasons.
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