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Homosexual marriages are controversial as it is believed that it has adverse effects on society. Whereas some people believe it is a natural human behaviour. This essay will explore both facets of notion. Firstly we will see the social status-related issues in some countries and secondly we will explore the options for it to be legalized.
It is often argued that to marry with same gender have a negative impact on society, while that have to be accepted to society equally for human’s right and also it is freedom of individual. I completely gay marriage have to be legal it doesn’t need to be illegal.
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Getting married is the most beautiful thing in this life! Nowadays, the gay wedding seems to be normal in most of the country, but people still have lots of question marks for this phenomenon. Some people afraid that gay marriage can cause plenty of drawbacks for society. However, there is another group thinks it is right to let gays get married. In my opinion, gay marriage should be legal and people should have a positive view with gays. I do believe that there is no barrier exist in love.
Currently, it is an urgent topic about single-sex marriage. While some people consider that it is unacceptable in society, others believe that it is natural and should be encouraged. In my opinion, the gay should have an opportinity to be married.
Currently, it is an urgent topic about single-sex marriage. While some people consider that it is unacceptable in society, others believe that it is natural and should be encouraged. In my opinion, the gay should have an opportunity to be married.
The concern of the type of gay marriage has still followed some arguments amongst individuals. Many individuals believe that it is an innate human feeling that is attracted to the same-gender person, and they support gay marriage, whereas some people, who have a more traditional attitude, think that it is social paradox. Now, I will explain my opinion on why gay marriage should be approved and protected by legal.
In many countries, homosexual marriages are a quite debatable heading. A part of society believes that this kind of weddings have drawbacks for the society while another group reckon, it's one of natural behaviour and homosexuals are entitled to have weddings. Since all human begins are equal in this world, gay marriages also deserved to be legalized, in my opinion. We will discuss further on this topic and exhibit reasons to support my answer.
Nowadays, people especially the young generation concerns greatly about human rights issues such as gender equality, racism, gender stereotypes and etc. One of which is same-sex marriage, consequently, there is an argument whether same-sex marriage should be legal or not. In my perspective, I strongly support gay weddings with a strong belief in individual freedom of choice.
Nowadays, human’s right is really popular, so that, a lot of gay marriages have happened. Some think that this trend will have a bad consequence on society but others believe that nowadays, human has an individual right to love without sexualities' prejudices.
It’s a common belief that gay marriage has adverse effects on society. However, I firmly believe that everyone has the right to pursue happiness, and it is no difference between a gay man and a normal man. So that, gay marriage should be legal in the world.
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Gay marriage is a controversial topic and people divide into 2 types referring to this question: the ones who believe that it can bring about many detrimental issues and the others who think that is quite normal and a right for people to opt for. This essay will discuss my take on this why gay marriages should not be legal.
It is often argued that marriage with the same sex has a negative impact on the community, However, others believe it to be the fundamental right of everyone to choose the partner of their own wish and think of it as completely natural. I stand firm in the favor of gay weddings being legal.
Some individuals commented that same-sex sexual engagement has its drawbacks to local communities. However, others believe that it follows a natural tendency and each individual has the right to select the way to follow. In my opinion, gay marriage should not be legalized owing to the fact that it poses threat to human believes and customs. This essay will shed light on the matter and provide evidence to prove the arguments.
Nowadays, more and more countries have legalized the homosexual marriage. However, some people still concern about whether same sex marriage should be legal. Although some people think that legalizing gay marriage affects our society negatively, I believe it is a natural trend and right for people to choose their marriage types;
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