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There is a table which has been done for an explanation, providing data about the underground railway transport proportion among six different countries. According to the data, it is essential to note that this kind of t
The table illustrates the data about six underground railway systems in different countries comprising the opening year, total kilometres and the number of users in millions each year.
The table chart provides data on subway train networks in some cities.
The given table reveals data about the underground railway systems in 6 major cities relating to the data opened, kilometres of route and passengers per year.
The table provides general information and statistic about metro systems in London, Paris, Tokyo, Washington DC, Kyoto and Los Angeles.
The table indicates data about 6 different cities and their opening years, the number of kilometres of route and turists per year they accept.
The table illustrates data regarding underground railways from six large cities in various parts of the world, showing the year opened, kilometres of the route and yearly passenger numbers in millions.
The given table indicates to the number of passengers who traveled by underground train yearly in 6 different cities include London, Paris, Tokyo, Washington DC, Kyoto, Los Angeles, in addition to the distance that eac
The table shows information about the Underground railway systems in six different cities. It compares the six networks in terms of their age , size and the number of people who use them each year.
The railway systems in six regencies are illustrated through the table. London was the city with the longest route and oldest station, while Tokyo was the most crowed station compared to other cities.
The table chart illustrates the statistics about the underground subway in six metropolitan cities, including their opening date, area, passengers.
The table chart illustrates the information about underground railway systems. The data is available for six main cities with date opened and counted in millions of passenger.
The given table compares the opened date, route length, and total passengers per year of underground railway systems in several cities. From general overview, it is obvious that London is the first city that opened the s
The table illustrates data of six important cities over the world, which are London, Paris, Tokyo,Washington DC ,Kyoto and Los Angeles, which provide underground transportaion systems .This data is being compared throug
The table shows data about the underground railway systems in London, Paris, Tokyo, Washington DC, Kyoto and Los Angeles.
The table illustrates the underground rail systems in 6 countries, including London, Paris, Tokyo, Washington DC, Kyoto and Los Angeles.
The chart gives information about the number of passengers per year (measured in millions) of Underground Railways Systems in 6 big cities in the world, located in 2 cities in Asia, America, Europe continental, respectiv
The given table provides information about the underground railway systems (date opened, kilometres of route, and passenger per year) in six different cities (London, Paris, Tokyo, Washington DC, Kyoto, and Los Angeles).
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