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I am writing this letter in reference to a purchase that was made on 10 July 2020 from your company outlet at Duty-Free in New Delhi Airport while I was travelling from Delhi to Bangalore. To be specific, I brought a Nikon 3300 DSLR with a dual-lens feature and the colour of the camera is silver grey. Since it was in a sealed bag, I couldn’t open it to verify.
I'm Dheeraj Sudarsanam. I'm writing this letter to bring to your attention about missing items in my latest camera box. On 27th October, in Melbourne Canon store, I bought latest Canon 700D camera with basic 50x zoom lens included. I bought that camera when I was on my way to the airport. I carried that box with me in the cabin bag.
I am writing this letter to inform you regarding that my items were missing from the box which your company has couriered at my home.The product which is missing is a brand new canon camera with 4000 pixels resolution with a black coloured body . It’s an expensive item which costs me about 500 dollars.I purchased it from a local electronics shop in London city.I am also having its invoice receipt.
I am writing to you inform you that that multifunctional black camera I bought at Rob's Store when I was travelling to Mexico on the 1st of February, is not accompanied by some items that James Milton, the local seller, informed me of.
I am writing you to inform you that the black Fujifilm XT-3 camera I bought at the B&H store located on Collins St on the 7th of November, while I was on vacation in Melbourne, does not come with the items that Tom Morris, the local seller informed me of.
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