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I am writing to express my dissatisfaction towards your hotel facility in Alaska. I stayed in Royal Suit of ABC Hotel on October 20, 2023. I was in the city to attend a business conference on next day. At night, the cl
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I am Roy. I recently had a staycation at your hotel The Pacific , Canada from 25th August 2023 to 30th August 2023. I occupied the suite #501. Unfortunately, the weather conditions weren’t favourable, and I had to face
I am writing this letter to express dissatisfaction with my stay in your hotel on 19th May 2023 in room no. 214. The air-conditioning system of the room was operational but was highly ineffective. Even after setting th
I am here in your hotel at the room 707, my check in was made 2 days ago and since then I have ben with some issue with the air system in my room. I know that we are in the middle of the summer, but I am write to you wit
I am writing this letter to express my deep disappointment with the visit that I stayed your hotel with my family last week. I will explain why I and my family unsatisfied in your hotel.
I am writing with regarding to a matter which I had during my stay in your hotel. As a frequent guest of your hotelery, I am a happy with your services but, unfortunatelly I have a grave problem to report.
I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the stay in your hotel. I booked your hotel last week for five days and I was there for an official purpose.
I am writing to express my disappointment regarding the experience which I had in your hotel "The Taj". I stayed there for a week starting from 12th September till 18th .
I am writing to complaint about poor performance of air conditioner of your hotel. I stayed in room no.103 of hotel recently and felt very hot inside the room.
I am writing to complain about my last stay in Holiday Inn which is located in the Atlanta area. I have been a loyal customer for four years so far, however, my experience last night was unfavourable.
My name is John Wick and I am one of your frequent customers at the Down Hills hotel. I am writing this letter to complain about the horrible condition which I and my family had to endure while staying at your hotel.
My name is Rohit. Last midnight, I and my family came to your hotel to stay for five to six days during our vacations. I want to let you know that we are not comfortable in your hotel because our room air-conditioner is
I have been a loyal customer for six years, and I have always been thankful for your decent service over the years. However, unfortunately, I had a bad experience in my recent stayed in your accommodation. Henceforth, I
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