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Students are encouraged to learn something at school and after school time. Many state administrations are of the opinion that, students should get homework in the form of homework and should complete it in their free time.
It is unquestionable that rising unemployment is one of the in the industrial world. One solution that has been put forward is to cut the working week to a maximum of 35 hours. However, in my view this solution is rather controversial and other solutions need to be found.
There is no denying the fact that the newest online method to read news of books replaced people's behaviour rather than the traditional ones. While it is a commonly held belief that the cheapest way to read and the availability of online sources will make nobody want to buy printed journals or books. There is also an argument that opposite it. I believe that online websites are more practical and better.
Some people think living in a big family is better than a nuclear family.In my point of view living in a large family is a very good idea because grandparents give you advice,take control and can help you with all your money problems.Then your grandparents like a wise man.
All adults like to study in another country.Because studying abroad may be one of the most beneficial experiences. But some parents worry about their children and do not allow them to study abroad. I believe that studying abroad has more positive sides than learning another culture and another experience.
Self-employment is becoming a worldwide vogue nowadays compared to working in a company or organization. This case most likely happened because when it comes to working for ourselves, we can manage our own time, goals, and will be more satisfied when we achieve our own achievements. When we’re talking about being self-employed is not only to build another company, whilst it could be building a small business, becoming an influencer in social media, etc. Regardless of the positive things that will come after self-employment, there are also several disadvantages.
In the modern world, with the help of technology, people can have friends from all over the world through many portable devices, such as smartphones and tablets. However, it is said that those online friendships are less valuable than friends that we meet in real life. From my perspective, I am a strong advocate of this idea, and some justifications for my standpoint will be elaborated on in this essay.
It is argued that children are most influenced by their parents in their development, while others believe that outside influence has the most impact on them, such as television or friends. I think that while parents have the most influence because they have lived together since babies, environmental factors play a vital role in shaping children.
It is commonly believed that universities should aim to maintain equal gender ratios in all courses. This essay supports this campaign, arguing that such a balance would provide more opportunities for both genders to attend their preferred schools and contribute to their comprehensive development.
Nowadays, various gaming platforms have been significantly developed. According to this trend, spending time on electronic games become tremendously popular everywhere. In this essay, I will elaborate on the merits and drawbacks of this phenomenon.
Whether the internet has helped youngsters and workers to fulfill their educational and occupational aims easier than before has become a topic of discussion. In my opinion, I firmly advocate for this idea as the internet has brought many positives to both the young and laborers.
In today's modern life , some individuals argue that , academies must focus on providing computers. However, the other ones state that the budget must be spent on educator's salaries. From my point of view , there must be balance between educator salaries and provided devices.
There is no doubt that electronic games are taking all over the world. Nowadays, individuals have been seen playing games on their phones, laptops, and televisions and it is not a surprise at all. Playing games have both positive and negative effects on people. Let us discuss it below.
In the contemporary era, television has evolved into a powerful medium for information dissemination, entertainment, and persuasion. A significant portion of this persuasive content is directed towards children in the form of advertisements. The impact of these advertisements on children is a subject of extensive debate, and it raises the question of whether there should be stricter control over such content.
The emergence of game developments on many resources such as phones, computers and TV consoles become mainstream in society around the world. In this essay, both the positive and negative effects of this matter will be outlined before reaching a conclusion.
Growing interest in children’s behaviour has been highlighted over the past decades. From this aspect, questions about if children behave badly, their parents should accept commitment and be punished for the behaviour of their children arise. In my opinion, parents should accept responsibility and also be punished to some extent.
It is true that accessing the internet by young children who are not supervised can put them at risk as they can be exposed to inappropriate content. Furthermore, internet content is very addictive for children as they cannot control themselves. Therefore, sometimes parents need to deal with their children but they are in trouble when they are facing this issue. How can we solve these problems?
Nowadays, many people think that art, does not have any benefits to our community and countries spend lots of money for nothing when they could spend this money on our society. However, I have many states for prove that this profession has been essential since life started.
Nowadays, the percentage of fat people has dramatically increased and the health care system is putting a lot of effort to solve this problem; however, some people believe that adding a new subject that encourages students to exercise is an ideal solution, while others object to that. In this report, I will go through both sides of this conflict, and then allow me to conclude my position.
Bonding family relationships has always played a significant role in human lives. However, people's lives have met an excessive change due to the rapid development in multiple areas. In my opinion, to some extent, the advantages ideed surpass the disadvantages in this trend.
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