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Whether increasing the price of vehicles’ fuel is one of the top solutions for environment problems or not is a controversial topic. This writer agrees with the statement due to extra finance and encouragement to eco-friendly means.
There is a belief that ensuring a similar salary among people of all classes would result in societal happiness. In contrast, this writer thinks that the adoption of the practice would make people reluctant to achieve higher education and will cause dissatisfaction in the community.
Some individuals presume that the best solution for environmental issues is that governments should raise the price of fuel for vehicles, especially cars. This writer totally agrees with this statement because there is a fact that the majority of pollutants in the atmosphere come from the fumes emitted by vehicles and residents may change to use electric transport which is more environmentally friendly instead.
Whether it is possible to protect the environment is a highly subjective discussion point. However, from this writer's experience, it is useful to preserve the natural habitat due to advances in technology and public awareness, despite those who believe that this may not work.
it is said that developments in communication and the global network are likely to have more negative effects than positive in the future. I strongly disagree with this opinion due to a suitable connection with people around the world.
As in any other plant living in the transitional area between ocean and terrestrial zone, mangroves undergo more dynamic environmental stress as they face stress coming from both zones simultaneously. For this reason, mangroves were compelled to evolve several adaptation mechanisms, one of which is producing secondary metabolite compounds like flavonoid, phenol, terpenoid, saponin, and tannin. While the aforementioned compounds function as a way for mangroves to cope with environmental detriment, humans are able to make use of them for pharmaceutical purposes.
In several nations, owning a house is considered a noteworthy discussion. In this essay, it is more beneficial to own a house due to the long life.
The debate between prioritizing knowledge and education versus practical skills for job acquisition is a multifaceted issue. Both approaches offer distinct advantages, and their effectiveness can vary depending on the industry and specific job requirements. However, in my opinion, focusing on practical skills tends to be more advantageous in the current job market.
Many studies describe the harmful effects that a rise in elderly may cause to a country, as in this discussion, where one proposes having more aged people in country could potentially be harmful. while some believe they old people hold a significant position, and can benefit society. I acknowledge the two opposite perspectives in question. However, I strongly agree, that having more elderly could be disadvantageous; reasons and examples will be provided to state acknowledgement.
People lived all their lives in the place they were born in and only ever travelled when they had a reason to, such as for work or medical reasons. With more access to technology, cheaper travel modes, exposure to cultures and knowledge of different countries, more people are travelling than ever before.
Based on the observations in many countries, only a little number of students are attracted to science subjects. The reason behind this issue is the unattractive opportunity for science areas in job markets. Nation authorities and related organizations need to encourage students to choose science areas of knowledge.
Presently, a lot of people decide to have children not in initially of their life. There are some reasons for this decision, and the most important reasons are economically situation, and the worry for children which their parents have. this essay will mention some pros and cons of society and family life.
Nowadays, the style of working can play a crucial in many aspects. In most of the country, many individuals live longer and far from their family members. These problems come from society and their ambition. This situation can have a negative effect on their health.
It is sometimes believed that giving much more serious punishments for driving offences is the only method to enhance road safety. Although stricter punishments have some benefits, I still firmly disagree with this statement for some reasons which will be explained in this essay.
Although there has been tremendous progress in agriculture, some people in particular areas continue to suffer from starvation. I would like to point out that exploring the causes of this problem can help in finding a solution to resolve it.
In today’s developed world, it is true that bicycles have been used less as a means of transportation. This phenomenon is caused by its inconvenience and the fast-paced development of modern society and I personally believe that it is beneficial due to health improvement and protecting the environment.
In today’s world, health is an essential aspect for everyone, especially for those who are working in offices and factories. People are busy with their work in the competitive world and tend to ignore healthy lifestyle habits.
it is a more and more common point of view that university pupils are likely to try to live with lovers before getting married while several individuals believe this trend has a pessimistic effect on students' lives. This writer firmly contends that this activity not only destroys the relationship because of different ideas but also it would have some unpredictable problems.
It is thought by a selection of individuals that letting the younger generation decides what they want on everyday matters leading to allowing them to think about themselves, resulting in an isolated society. However, others believe that we should just let them make decisions that are critical for their lives only. In this essay, both viewpoints will be outlined in the following paragraphs before reaching my conclusion which is I agree with the latter notion.
It is commonly believed that the authorities should regulate rules to use torment so as to punish criminals in their nations and ensure the security of the citizens. The writer is convinced by this assumption because of a strict punishment to threaten the criminals and a model for all normal residents to follow.
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