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In recent years, there has been a growing debate about whether it is more beneficial to invest funds in building new railway lines for very fast trains or improving existing public transport systems. While some argue that building new railway lines for fast trains is necessary to improve transportation efficiency and connectivity between cities, others believe that investing in existing public transport is a more cost-effective and sustainable solution. I partly agree with these statements and discuss both views.
In the last three decades, the number of people using their private cars has risen significantly. Because of this, numerous cities in the world are challenged by traffic congestion due to the social status that folks have if they apply own their private vehicle and the government should improve public transportation infrastructure to reduce the number of traffic jams on the road.
In recent years, it has become much more common for the proportion of older people in many countries to increase. Many people believe that there are significant benefits to this trend, while others argue that there are also drawbacks associated with aging population. Although there are downsides to this trend, this essay argues that the advantages are stronger.
Nowadays, when people consider their job, the wage can have the most significant effect on their decision. Although some individuals think that job satisfaction is more important than salary, a huge number of people believe money is the first option. From my perspective, choosing a job according to a good salary can bring some benefits, however, it can have several detrimental effects on their life.
In some nations, males are responsible for going to work and females take part in household management at home. In this essay, I will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this.
In the modern world, People are getting addicted to sugar-based drinks rather than healthy ones. Sugary drinks are becoming popular day by day. There are many reasons behind it and I will give my view in the next paragraphs.
In recent times, people have argued that developing countries should provide six years of free education to reduce poverty. partly agree with this point of view.
The debate over whether it is easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle in rural areas compared to urban settings has long been a topic of discussion. Some argue that the fresh air, scenic environments, and abundance of open spaces in the countryside make it conducive for a healthy lifestyle, while others contend that the cities offer better access to healthcare facilities, fitness centers, and healthier food options. In this essay, both perspectives will be examined before presenting my own viewpoint.
There has always been a debate about whether teenagers should follow the example of older people or challenge what they say. Some argue that teenagers should respect and learn from the wisdom and experience of older individuals, while others believe that it is natural for teenagers to question and challenge the beliefs and opinions of older generations. In this essay, I will discuss both views and provide my opinion on the matter.
In contemporary society, numerous health conditions prevalent in adults, encompassing obesity and heart disease, are traced back to suboptimal dietary patterns . Indeed, poor nutritional choices often adopted in childhood lay the groundwork for these health challenges in adulthood.
To begin with, the ongoing debate over whether people's character is predominantly shaped by their genetics or environment has garnered significant attention. While genetic factors undeniably contribute to certain aspects of an individual's character, I am of the staunch belief that the environment exerts a greater influence in molding one's character.
In many states, the proportion of senior citizens is increasing. Thus, this can lead to many advantageous and disadvantageous sides. In my opinion, having a significantly older population will have negative effects sometime in the future.
It is a fact that we are living in an era where competition is fiercer than ever before due to the fact that we want to have a good life, we must work hard every day. But many people think that the best way to live is to accept bad situations. Still, others think that trying to improve those situations will make life better. In my personal opinion, I completely agree with the second opinion and I will explain my thoughts in the next paragraph.
There are two opposite opinions about children's upbringing, on the one hand letting them rule their own routine will provide to the growing generation of consumers who don't care about circumstances , on the other hand, taking responsibility for common actions in childhood forms the generation which is ready to take new challenges.
Some believe that higher education is the key/optimal for professional preparation, while others preferably think that exposure to job understanding early is better. In my opinion, I believe that having higher education is essential for academic success, while task judgment could gain soft skills.
Residing in metropolitan cities has been stimulating some crucial issues in daily activities. Congestion and air pollution are problems related to living in big cities. Thus, these issues have to be tackled by governments through plausible actions such as enhancing numerous public transportation and controlling the price of basic needs instead of encouraging societies to relocate to smaller regional towns.
Some people like to do the things they used to do. Others like to try new stuff. Today, I would like to discuss both merits and demerits and give my opinion on this topic in the following paragraphs.
Nowadays, migration of many professionals in the countries where people receive their training has been a major issue in many parts of the world. Some people would suggest that employees should be demanded to work in these countries, while others argue that workers do not have to get a job in the nations. This essay will discuss this phenomenon from both perspectives, and I support the latter view. This is because that seems a reasonable idea compared to the opposite viewpoint.
In this modern world, the advancement in technology is rapidly increasing day by day, and the generation we are living in is social media. Here, some popular stars argue that online news interferes with their personal lives, while others say that they must face this due to their popularity. In this essay, I intend to discuss both views and suggest my opinion at last.
There is a phrase , which is really important nowadays for people to understand , work is part of life, life is not a part of work. Also, in my point of view, people have to learn how to flex their working hours and live for a bit.
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