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Nowadays, the number of social media users is countless, and it poses significant problems for the younger generation. Therefore, some propose that governments should create official rules that permit only those over 18 years old to use these platforms. I partly agree with this statement; however, its merits and drawbacks should be considered.
Nowadays, the vast majority prefer virtual benefits for shopping, daily conversation and job-related purposes that require no physical interaction with public. Indeed, this eligibility provides more convenience than real-time meetings. Through the essay, I'll discuss both advantages and disadvantages that come with new features of viral lifestyle changes.Modern world civilizations are using the internet resources for trading, working and communicating. The main reason for the hype over virtuality happens to be related to the advantage and the accessibility that prevent unnecessary time consumption. Another reason for this, a lot of people believe that the variety of availabilities is wider in comparison to the actual experience of in-location experience. The phenomenon became common during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the restrictions, most people realized how the internet was able to keep life efficient where human interactions were prohibited.On the other hand, it is visible ...
An exam to ride bikes should be required. This essay agrees with this idea because, unwise cycling can damage the members of a road moving and cyclists can injure themself.
There is a belief stating that in the future, there is a possibility that the average standard of people's health will decrease compared to how it is now. I personally disagree with this statement and think that in contrary, people's health will generally see an increase in the future.
Some people believe that children should learn to distinguish right from wrong in their early years and punishment can be used in the process. I tend to disagree with the idea. I think that punishing them in early childhood to teach morality aspects is something wrong, but also it is a waste of time and may have negative effects on children with relevant reasons and examples.
Many pieces of research done by scientists are focused on animals. According to them, experimentation with these species is more practical because their bodies are quite similar to humans. while some people believe that it is not fair to use animals for research purposes, others are in favor of applying tests on them. In my opinion, animals must not be tortured to realize experimentation because they deserve to live and feel the same pain as humans.
One school of thought holds that people in many conurbations are choosing cars instead of bicycles, while others believe that cars are being alternated with bicycles in some other urban areas. This essay will outline the root causes for these problems such as the cutting-edge of insfrastructures and the expensive cost of autos before concluding that I am in favour of the replacement of cars by bicycles.
Learning languages besides your mother tongue has become a trend and necessity for an Individual who wants to relocate to other territories. A group of people believe that the only reason behind learning a second language is to study or work in a foreign nation; however, others argue that learning a new vocation is not only limited to studying abroad or working there. This essay will discuss both notions and argue in favor of the latter one.
In the modern world, the majority of people emphasize recycling. However, a large number of individuals demand that it is not enough to recycle bins at home. Thus, the only way to maximize recycling is for governments to make it lawful.In my point of view, laws can certainly play a role in increasing recycling rates, they may not be the only solution.
In the modern world, big cities such as New York and London have upgraded than the past and have more technologies that help people live easier and more convenient. It has been controversial that people who live in a city will have bad health. I strongly agree with this statement that a city can have more mental health issues than the countryside, which I will discuss in the following essay.
Many people claim that watching television is negative for children more than playing outside with kids of the same age. Despite the fact that it has a lot of factors more than spending time on TV actually, I believe sitting in front of a box for a long time will lead to an unhealthy for young.
Most people think that they should wear a formal dress when going to work. However, some people argue that the companies should let their employees dress casually. For some people, wearing a formal outfit can express who they are, but others think that wearing casual clothes can make one feel more comfortable and could excel in their ability to work. However, I disagree with the idea that comfortable dress should be allowed.
Nowadays, living without science which has slightly relevant technology can be demanding, in other words, break throw of science tackled the majority of needs with using of data. It is believed that the vital aim of science is to improve human life. I completely agree with this viewpoint, in this essay, I will extend my opinion with support.
In recent days, obtaining a credit card can be done through easy steps. However, some people are unable to fulfill their financial obligations and accumulate debts over time. This essay will argue that the advantages outweigh the drawbacks. The essay will first demonstrate the benefits of owning a credit card and then will cover the drawbacks and clearly show how the benefits surpass the drawbacks.
Some people believe that the tourism industry is a significant source of income in many countries around the world. From my point of view, I agree with this aspect and reasons will be outlined in the following paragraphs before reaching a conclusion.
The rapid advancement of technologies that inevitably lead to unsupervised underage to access the internet, especially social media. There are several problems that might occur such as children accessing false information and adult content freely. Therefore, the solutions should come from both parents and the providers to restrict several contents for children.
In modern society, there are two respective views about how people accept their connections with each other. Some people think that they are more dependent because they have smaller families than in the past. However, people think they are more solitary due to advances in technology, they can do everything without others' help.
I agree with this statement which states that the typical teaching of a teacher and student in the physical class at some point soon. Technology has always surprised humans with new creations and advances. If you had asked people who existed 100 years ago about mobile phones and the progression of computers, they would have no idea about the topic.
In today’s society, a growing/ increasing number of overweight children have sparked a degree of controversy among people due to its serious public health challenge in many nations. Although this problem can be attributed to a plethora of reasons, some feasible measures can be considered to address this.
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