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Nowadays, many countries are becoming ageing which influences all society's infrastructures due to many reasons, such as inflation and not supporting young individuals from the governments, however, people live longer than in former era due to eating healthy food and a good lifestyle. In this essay, I will give my opinion with examples.
In this day and age, paying and collecting taxes has become a broad issue for the general public. Several inhabitants argue that workers should preserve full of the cash as their property. However, it seems to me that individuals have to take responsibility for authority and society. I will shed light on my viewpoint in the following essay.
In present times, there is an increase in the number of chores and missions in the workplace being done by robots. The author of this essay strongly believes that this is a positive development since it can boost the economy as well as improve the living standard for residents.
In this day and age, it is claimed that humans are being replaced by robots to do housework or work tasks. The author of this essay holds a belief that this scenario is a positive improvement because of saves time and increasing efficiency.
In recent years, robots have become ubiquitous, infiltrating both our homes and workplaces. While their presence promises efficiency and convenience, I believe this trend is an adverse development.
Someone are arguing that longer average working time could lead to better economy of the country but its citizen have to cope with social issues. In my opinion, I completely agree with that linkage among total of working hours, success in economic development and problems in the society.
Recently, television is becoming an important device that many people need to entertain so people think that what children see on the TV affects their character, while others believe that it’s the number of hours watching television which influences their personality. Personally, I agree with the first point of view.
It is argued by some that playing computer games can have harmful consequences on children's health, while there are others who believe that computer games are beneficial in terms of education. In my opinion, I believe that computer games can badly affect children's eyesight and encourage a sedentary lifestyle, whereas different computer games can help children learn and practice a new language.
Many individuals opine that subjects such as drawing,drama and music are fruitful for pupils due to this they need to add these areas of study to their syllabus.I totally agree with the above statement because this will make a study more interesting and help to identify creative minds.
Many museums charge for entry or visits, while others offer free admission. Some people believe that charging is important for the museum's survival, but others think free entry is more important. I believe that it is important to charge because, in essence, the museum is like a common business.
In modern life, many people believe that increasing the cost of fuel that is used for transport is the best way to solve the environmental problem. This writer agrees with this statement because people will tend to use public transport instead of travelling by their transport to reduce the hydrocarbon emissions in the air as well as enhance the quality of human life.
In today's generation, many discuss the good and bad activities that people take part in on a daily basis, even after knowing the potential harmful effects, millions take part in these negative activities. This essay will discuss the causes and some of the potential solutions using reasons and examples, to express my viewpoint.
The global phenomenon of rural to urban migration has sparked debates regarding whether it constitutes a positive or negative. While some may argue that this trend brings about positive changes, I assert that it predominantly leads to negative consequences for various reasons. ok
In numerous urban areas around the globe, it is becoming increasingly common for individuals to be unfamiliar with their neighbors, leading to a loss of community spirit. This essay will discuss the causes of this phenomenon and propose some potential solutions.
Today the need for fast food is ever increasing year by year as most people tend to be too busy all the time to cook at home .However, it has had an adverse impact on individuals. I,therefore,agree that serving savoury food in restaurants should be prohibited. In this essay, I will give some examples to support my viewpoint.
The importance of free learning which was always debatable has now become more controversial with many people claiming that it is beneficial while others reject this notion. The substantial influence of this trend has sparked controversy over the potential impact in recent years. In my opinion, the former proposition appears to be more rational. This essay will further elaborate my views for favouring the positive impact and thus, will lead to a logical conclusion.
A controversial discussion point is whether expense should be invested in more essential factors rather than space expenditure due to the exorbitant price. This writer disagrees with this statement attributable to the capability to discover to acquire knowledge and more suitable areas to live in.
In many parts of the world, the age at which individuals retire from work has been increased. The writer argues the benefit of skills utilization is eclipsed by the downsides of health problems and limit on jobs opportunities for young jobseekers.
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