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In recent years,the issue about what subjects are important in schools is becoming a debatable issue.Some individuals say that art courses such as music,drama and creative writing should be inculcated in the school curriculum as they are an important part of schooling.In my opinion,I totally disagree with this line of thought. This essay will outline the reasons for my stance which includes stress and our individual differences.
It is evident that some nations have prohibited the act of smoking tobacco in commercial buildings. However, there is an argument to this decision as not all nations are declaring such laws. This essay will discuss both views and come out with a decisive conclusion.
It has been noted that nowadays, many people usually do not take note of their neighbours. Although there are so many reasons for this, solutions are also available.
The destruction of the environment is one of the major challenges that the humanity is facing. There is a common belief in the public that it is a government’s responsibility to look after the environment, where as some other individuals argue that the people are responsible in the saving the nature.
Migration of people to various part of the world is becoming increasingly popular. Consequently, people end up settling in communities where they share different cultural background. Many believe there are more advantages of inhabiting in such a multicultural community than the potential setbacks that may arise. I completely agree with this view. This is because the problem that may emerge can be overcome and cultural mix leads societal development.
Both rail and road transportation are no doubt one of the age-long means of transportation. As more under-developed and developing nations seek to improve the transportation sector of their economies, deliberate efforts are being put on diverting more funds and investment into this sector. For obvious reasons such as passengers’ safety and ease of movement of goods from one place to another, I believe that governments’ spending should channelled towards rail projects than road projects. This will be expatiated in the sequel of this essay.
One of the major challenges being faced by the cities is the geometric rate at which people migrate from rural settlements to urban centers. This, however, has been found to manifest with attendant consequences such as difficulty in waste management as well as health deterioration of the inhabitants of these cities. Solutions to these problems will also be proffered in the sequel of this write-up.
Sleeping is a natural condition and benefits the body and the mind,however dramatically decreased amount of sleepwill harm a person.Nowdays humans do not sleep enough because pf the rapid life rhythm and the countless responsibilities . Lack of sleep can have negative impacts in someone life and also in the whole society due to tiredness.
At the beginning of 21st century, a large number of people expressed their deeply growing concern about the development of future generation. It is an accepted fact that taking care of kids is one of the most vital responsibilities in community. Therefore, the parents should attend the childcare training courses. Personally, I whole-heartedly agree with this opinion. Some points will be covered in the following paragraphs.
In recent times, the level of noise, which is referred to as an unpleasant sound, has significantly increased in our day-to-day activities. This has become an issue of concern because of the health challenges is prose to people, however, it can be minimized by government policies.
Physical exercise is a very important method of improving one’s health. However, medical practitioners in many countries are of the view that adequate exercise is not done by people; a trend which can be attributed to poor work life balance, and the reluctance on the part of individuals to do enough exercise. The causes of this problem, as well as its possible solution will be discussed in this essay.
Physical inactivity is becoming a pandemic problem and health physicians in many countries are saying that people do not get adequate excercise. This can be attributed to nature of work, urbanization and lack of fitness centers. The situation can be improved in a plethora of ways.
It's standard that animal experiments are widely use to develop new medicine for the safety of other products many people argue that these should be banned simply because it's morally wrong to cause animal to suffer, while other are in a favor of them as they move benefits to humanity. In my opinion, the traditional practice should be upheld for the following reasons.
Does curfew will prevent young people from becoming either perpetrators or victims of nighttime crime? In recent times curfew have been imposed is some states from the US , this means that under no circunstances are teenagers allowed to be in streets after certain time at night, there is no doubt in my mind that imposing curfew have its positive consequences but at the same time there are some negative points that need to be mentioned.
Childhood is a crucial period of one’s life. However, nowadays a major fragment of a student’s routine is spent in school doing school work. Some people are of the opinion that children have too much free time and this should be utilised in doing school work only, to which I have dissenting views.
Some are of the view that the residents should maintain the tidiness and sanitation of the streets, whilst others say that it is sole responsibility of government. This essay believes that although the residents pay the taxes for maintaining the orderliness and cleaning of the streets, however, the residents must hold the responsibility for maintaining the cleanliness as they can identify the sources of contaminants and wastes easily due to their longer presence in the area compared to government appointed housekeepers.
Number of crime that happened which contributed by young generation and teenagers are increasing in a faster rate compare to last time. This is one of the serious phenomenon that occur in our daily life. This essay will demonstrate some of the reasons which associated with this problem and provide some methods to avoid it.
Impossible competition is a opinions about local business from some people which is due to the development and rapid expansion of supermarket in some countries. This can lead to the death of local communities, while I strongly disagree with this view for many reasons.
Students who prefer to study overseas is on the rise. While there are several advantages to studying in foreign universities including learning new cultures and receiving a good quality of education, there are disadvantages too which includes adjusting to weather conditions and social and linguistic differences. In my opinion, irrespective of having initial struggles, It is always advantageous to study in foreign counties, which can help students to broaden their horizons.
Whilst ,many individuals thing that authority money should be expend on essential objects rather then artwork like painting and music. In my opinion spending on health and education is top priority, but disagree with no funding for the arts. I would discuss both views in upcoming paragraphs.
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